CCP Forms & Resources

For Students

  • Your Username & Password information is below, along with links for the applications you will need as a NC State student!

    • Student Software – IT Guide (IT Brochure; updated 8/18/2023)
    • Go to MyNC for your schedule, final course grades and future term planning & registration
    • Go to Canvas to start your course once the semester begins.
    • Canvas PRO-TIPS:
      • In the week before the semester, beat the rush and confirm your login works!
      • Check Canvas periodically for your courses to load (will be there by day one of the semester).
      • Read the syllabus for your instructor’s contact information, expectations, and course policies – these can differ from one course to the next.
      • Make sure you confirm each instructor’s preference for contacting them — to help YOU get your best results. (Do they require you use your NCSC email for communication, etc.)
      • Ask questions when you have them! You will get your answers quicker and will likely help a peer as well.
      • Say hello to your instructor and your classmates.
      • Review the calendar and due dates for the course (all will be posted).
      • Navigate around Canvas (tutorial below).
      • Get started on your first assignment!
      • Attend every class and submit every assignment! (When you get to finals week, you’ll thank yourself for going for all possible points up to that point!)
      • Build your community —
        • Build your academic community with classmates for study and peer support.
        • Expand your interpersonal community and create opportunities for mentorship and networking (Attend events on campus, go to the annual Career Fair for the experience! Talk with hiring managers. Ask them what they look for in an ideal candidate! This gives you great insight to keep in mind along the way!


    Who do I contact with login issues for Canvas, MyNC or NCSC Student Email/Office 365?

    Who do I contact for NON-Login/Password Canvas issues?

  • Canvas is where you will log into your NCSC course for an online course, and as part of your in-person courses that are at the NCSC campus.

    • Student Username & Password sheet (Updated 7/31/2023)
    • What is the purpose of Canvas?

      • Access my courses (online and face-to-face classes)
      • Check my grades for homework, quizzes, and tests
      • View notifications and reminders from my instructors
      • View upcoming assignments
      • View information shared by your instructor, such as videos, study guides, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
      • Participate in online discussions with fellow students
      • Complete my coursework for online and hybrid course sections


      When will I be able to log into Canvas?

      Your Canvas account will not be created until you have registered for classes, therefore new incoming students who have not yet registered will not have a Canvas account login yet.

      Within 24 hours of registering for classes for the upcoming semester, a new student will be able to log into Canvas.

      When will I be able to access my courses for next semester in Canvas?

      Online courses are made available automatically on the first day of the semester.

      In face-to-face classes, Canvas access to the course is determined and controlled by the instructor.  If you cannot see the course, it is probably because the instructor has not yet published it for students to access.  Check with your instructor for more information.

      How do I navigate Canvas to access my courses?

      Watch the Canvas Overview for Students video below for a detailed demonstration of the Dashboard, Courses, Groups, Inbox, and Help global navigation menu, as well as how to view grades and submit assignments.

      Special Note:  The Inbox in Canvas does not replace your Student Email Outlook Inbox in Office 365.  The Canvas Inbox only allows communications with your instructors and other students in your classes.

      Emails from others at NC State, such as, your advisor, the Financial Aid Office, the Cashier’s Office, Tutoring, or Academic Services will only be possible by logging into your student account at Office 365 Outlook Inbox, opens in a new window


      How do I log into Canvas?

      • Enter your username
      • Enter your password
      • Click Login


      Who do I contact with login issues for Canvas, MyNC or NCSC Student Email/Office 365?

      Who do I contact for NON-Login/Password Canvas issues?

      Canvas Overview for Students

  • Our Tutoring Resource Center is here to support you! The Tutoring Resource Center is a positive, welcoming environment filled with online and in-person tools to support your success in college! From study tips, notetaking techniques, and navigating Canvas to drop-in or scheduled sessions with a tutor — it is all here FOR YOU! Visit the Tutoring Resource Center page here.

  • Our office of Specialized Support Services (Disability Services) provides students an equal opportunity and we are dedicated to providing services and accommodations to students with documented disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and any other applicable regulations.

    To learn more about requesting accommodations and the referral process, please visit our Office of Specialized Services page.

  • Students needing to update their personal information with the college will need to complete a Change of Status form with our Student Records office.

    • Reasons for changing your status can include:
      • Name Change (must provide court order of legal name change)
      • Address
      • Phone Number
      • Email
      • Emergency Contact


    The Change of Status form can be found here.

    • Completed forms can be submitted either:
      • In-Person: (Aug-May) Visit the Student Records Office on our main campus in the Byron Kee Center. Office hours are Mon-Thur, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.


      • Mail Delivery:
        North Central State College
        Attn: Student Records Office
        2441 Kenwood Circle
        Mansfield, OH 44906


    Questions? Contact NCSC’s Student Records office by phone, 419-755-4857 or email, Visit their webpage for additional resources. 

  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

    College Credit Plus students are college students and subject to the federal FERPA guidelines. This means that college records are not released to anyone, even parents, without written permission from the student. For College Credit Plus students, the high school and the college may exchange information.

    A student can choose to release their education record to a designated person and specify which information they would like released to that person. To do this, the student will need to complete a FERPA release form.


    NCSC’s FERPA release form can be found here.

    • Completed forms can be submitted either:
      • In-Person: Visit the Student Records Office on our main campus in the Byron Kee Center. Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


      • Mail Delivery:
        North Central State College
        Attn: Student Records Office
        2441 Kenwood Circle
        Mansfield, OH 44906


    Questions? Contact NCSC’s Student Records office by phone at 419-755-4857 or visit their webpage for more details.

  • Federal Law requires nearly all male US citizens and male immigrants, 18 through 25, register with the United States Selective Service. Provide NCSC with your Selective Service number at the form linked here

    For more information on who must register, to register, or to verify and obtain your Selective Service Registration Number, please visit

    Students who are required to register with U.S. Selective Service, but who have not done so within 30 days of their 18th birthday, are not eligible for the state of Ohio’s tuition subsidy; not eligible for CCP tuition funding. (Ohio Revised Code, Section 3345.32). If this applies to you, and you still wish to enroll in college courses while in high school, you may do so as a self-paying student, and will be responsible to the college for all costs associated with course enrollment.

  • Click here for CCP Textbook and Access Code Instructions.

  • If you need to send an official copy of your NCSC transcript to another college/university, you will need to complete a transcript request through Parchment.

    Items to consider before submitting this request:

    1. There is a fee associated with ordering a transcript.
    2. Any courses in which you have not received a final grade at the time of your order will not appear on your transcript. It is advised to wait until your course has ended before placing a transcript request order.
    3. If you need to submit an official copy of your transcript to another college or university before your courses  end, you will need to submit a second transcript request through Parchment after the semester ends and final grades are published on your NCSC transcript.

    You can order an official copy of your NCSC transcript through Parchment here.

    Questions? Contact NCSC’s Student Records office by phone 419-755-4857 or email Visit their webpage for more resources.


    You can access an unofficial copy of your NCSC transcript at any time through your MyNC account linked here.

    1. Unofficial copies of your NCSC transcript are for your personal reference.
    2. There is no fee associated with accessing or downloading an unofficial copy of your NCSC transcript.
    3. Colleges/Universities or Employers will need an official copy of your transcript. Please refer to the Parchment instructions above for requesting an official copy.

For School Counselors & Administrators

  • The CCP Resource Hub is your “one-stop shop” to assist you with College Credit Plus needs. Whether you have NCSC courses at your high school or your students attend courses at the NCSC campus or online, the hub linked below will provide CCP support information.

    Access the CCP Resource Hub here

  • The State of Ohio provides a template that school districts can use for the Intent to Participate form. School districts are welcome to make modifications to customize the form to their school district as long as the form contains the same information as the template provided.

    The Intent to Participate template can be found here.

  • School counselors and administrators who wish to have access to proctor NCSC Accuplacer exams for their students can complete the form here.

  • School counselors and administrators who need access to their school-specific CCP data on NCSC’s SharePoint can complete the form below to request access. Having access to SharePoint will provide you with information regarding CCP student application information, enrollment reports, and grade data.

    To request access to SharePoint, please complete the form located here.

  • The College Credit Plus team at North Central State College is always looking for ways to support our partner schools to the fullest extent possible. We are open to your ideas on ways we can support you better – whether it’s an idea you thought of, or an experience you have had with another college – we value your feedback on how we can improve!

    If you have a suggestion or feedback for our team, please complete the form here.