Student Software Applications

What are the primary uses for Office 365 & Student Email?

  • Read and reply to my student email using Outlook
  • Send an email to my advisor, instructor, financial aid office, a fellow student etc.
  • Use Microsoft Word
  • Use Excel
  • Use PowerPoint
  • Download a desktop version of Microsoft applications to my computer
  • Save a document to my OneDrive account

What is my email address?

When logging into Office 365 & Student email, you will need to log in with your entire email address.


What can I do when I log into MyNC?

Student Finance
  • View my latest statement
  • Pay my bill online
  • Initiate a Tuition Payment Plan

Financial Aid

  • View my financial aid award
  • Access my financial aid data
  • Determine any actions or forms required


  • View my mid-term grades for current term courses
  • View my final grades for completed term courses
  • View my term GPA
  • View my cumulative GPA

Student Planning (Academic Planning & Registration)

  • View my academic plan
  • Plan my courses for the upcoming term
  • Choose my sections for the upcoming term
  • Register for my classes – How to Register for Classes at NC State, opens in a new window video
  • View my progress towards degree completion
  • Ask my advisor to review my plan by clicking “Request Review”
  • Email my advisor
  • View my Test scores, such as ACT, ACCUPLACER, Computer Literacy, or TEAS
  • View and Print my Unofficial Transcript
    (Downloads as pdf which can be saved and shared with others)

Course Catalog

  • Search for courses by name, code, or subject
  • View course descriptions and pre-requisites
  • View section availability by term or location

Tax Information 

  • Change my consent for e-delivery of tax information
  • Access my tax information

Graduation Overview

  • View and submit a graduation application

How do I log into MyNC?

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the Students menu
  • Choose desired topic from the menu

How to Register for Classes at NC State

A step-by-step guide to registering for classes at NC State.

What are the features of Aviso Engage?

  • View my academic alerts
  • View my grades
  • View tasks that I need to complete
  • Find email addresses for my advisor and instructors
  • Access college and community resources

How do I log into Aviso Engage?

Aviso Engage uses your Office 365 email address to login.

Note:  When logging into Aviso Engage from a public computer, be sure to log out of Aviso Engage AND Office 365 before leaving the computer!


How to use Aviso Engage

Learn more about using Aviso Engage by watching this video.

Why would I want to log into AdvisorTrac?

  • To make an appointment with my Success Coach
  • To view my upcoming appointments with my Success Coach

Do I have to be a current student to make an appointment with my advisor?

Yes, only students who are enrolled in classes for the current semester can log on and make appointments with their assigned Success Coach.

How do I make an appointment with my advisor using AdvisorTrac?

It’s easy.  Watch this quick video and then give it a try yourself.

How to Make an Advising Appointment

This video shows the steps current students will follow to make an advising appointment using our AdvisorTrac system.

How do I log into AdvisorTrac?

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click Login

What is the purpose of Canvas?

  • Access my courses (online and face-to-face classes)
  • Check my grades for homework, quizzes, and tests
  • View notifications and reminders from my instructors
  • View upcoming assignments
  • View information shared by your instructor, such as videos, study guides, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Participate in online discussions with fellow students
  • Complete my coursework for online and hybrid course sections

When will I be able to log into Canvas?

Your Canvas account will not be created until you have registered for classes, therefore new incoming students who have not yet registered will not have a Canvas account login yet.

Within 24 hours of registering for classes for the upcoming semester, a new student will be able to log into Canvas.

When will I be able to access my courses for next semester in Canvas?

Online courses are made available automatically on the first day of the semester.

In face-to-face classes, Canvas access to the course is determined and controlled by the instructor.  If you cannot see the course, it is probably because the instructor has not yet published it for students to access.  Check with your instructor for more information.

How do I navigate Canvas to access my courses?

Watch the Canvas Overview for Students video below for a detailed demonstration of the Dashboard, Courses, Groups, Inbox, and Help global navigation menu, as well as how to view grades and submit assignments.

Special Note:  The Inbox in Canvas does not replace your Student Email Outlook Inbox in Office 365.  The Canvas Inbox only allows communications with your instructors and other students in your classes.

Emails from others at NC State, such as, your advisor, the Financial Aid Office, the Cashier’s Office, Tutoring, or Academic Services will only be possible by logging into your student account at Office 365 Outlook Inbox, opens in a new window.  For more information see the Office 365 & Student Email tab.

How do I log into Canvas?

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click Login

Canvas Overview for Students

What is Ellucian Go and how do I get it?

Ellucian Go is an application for your phone or tablet that quickly connects you to many of the features of MyNC.  The application can be downloaded to your phone or tablet from your Android or Apple app store.  Search for Ellucian Go and once loaded on your device, choose North Central State College as your college.

What can I do with my Ellucian Go app?

Some of the features of Ellucian Go include:

  • Receive notifications about important deadlines
  • View my academic plan and register for courses
  • View my schedule
  • View my final grades for completed terms
  • View my account (however, you can not pay your bill with the app)
  • View campus maps and get directions
  • View important phone numbers and call offices

How do I log into Ellucian Go?

You will use the same username and password used for all other student applications, such as MyNC and Canvas.

Why would I use Zoom?

  • Attend class meetings with your instructor and classmates that meet virtually
  • Meet with your advisor
  • Share your computer screen with meeting attendees
  • See and talk with your instructor, classmates, or advisor

How do I access a Zoom meeting?

  • Go to
  • Enter the meeting ID # provided by your instructor or advisor


  • Click on the Zoom link provided by your instructor or advisor to connect with the meeting

Join a Meeting with Zoom

When will my username and password be activated?

Your username and password will be activated by your Success Coach once you have your initial new or returning student advising meeting.  If you have not met with a Success Coach yet, contact the Student Success Center for an appointment at 419-755-4536.

What is my username?

Student Usernames are created using the following formula:
Note:  usernames are all in lower case – No capital letters.

Formula for Student username

For example, the username for a student by the name of  John A. Student, born on July 04 would be:  studeja0704

If you do not have five letters in your last name the system will use your entire last name. If you do not have a middle name the system will skip adding your middle initial. For names that have spaces or punctuation the system will leave it out. E.g.: the last name O’Connor will be “oconn” in your username, and De La Hoya will be “delah”. . .

What is my initial Password?

Synchronized Password
Note:  Passwords are case sensitive.

All student passwords for MyNC, Office 365 Email, Aviso Engage, AdvisorTrac, Canvas, Ellucian Go, and My Password Services will be synchronized (and if changed, the password will change for all software applications simultaneously) and will consist of the following:

  • First two letters of your first name (capitalized)
  • Followed by the last four of your social security number
  • Followed by the first two letters of your last name (lower case).

For example:  The initial password for John A. Student with SSN ending in 8833 would be:  JO8833st

How often do I have to change my password?

Starting February 1, 2021, NC State students will be required to change their NC State password every 90 days. To maintain their synchronized login, passwords can only be changed through Password Services or by calling the IT Service Desk at 419-755-4734.

See the Password Services tab for more information about enrolling in and using Password Services to update your password for all of your applications – MyNC, Canvas, Office 365, etc. simultaneously.

How often do I have to change my password?

Starting February 1, 2021, NC State students will be required to change their NC State password every 90 days. To maintain their synchronized login, passwords can only be changed through Password Services or by calling the IT Service Desk at 419-755-4734.

How do I register with Password Services?

You can access Password Services by clicking on Menu from our home page, then clicking on Password Services, opens in a new window.

Password Services login will be the same as your standard username and password (the one you use to log into MyNC etc).

Choose NC Student from the “Log on to” drop down menu.

Once logged in, choose the Enrollment tab (top left) and answer the security questions. Once you have enrolled in Password Services, the system will automatically send you a reminder email a few days prior to your password expiring.

What are the password requirements?

Passwords must be at least eight characters long and contain 3 out of 4 elements:

  • Upper case, lower case, numbers, or special characters.
  • You can only use the symbols found on the 1-8 keys using your shift key.
  • Passwords cannot be longer than 12 characters.
  • You cannot use your name in your password.
  • The system remembers the last 12 passwords.

Call the IT Service Desk at 419-755-4734 for assistance if you are unable to log into Password Services.

How do I buy my textbooks and supplies for class?

Visit the Campus Bookstore’s website, opens in a new window

SPRING bookstore purchases are available online from December 12, 2022 – February 1, 2023 as well in store with limited hours of operation. Purchasing online is the PREFERRED method. Below are the instructions on how to purchase your books online at the bookstore.

Please note: Students should purchase all books and supplies during this bookstore charge window as there will NOT be another charge date for courses that start later in the term.

  • Click on Textbooks
  • Select Program – NCSC/OSU-Mansfield
  • Select Term – choose the appropriate term, such as Spring 2023
  • Select Department – The first 4 letters of your course ID, such as ENGL-1010-920
  • Select Course – The 4 numbers in your course ID, such as ENGL-1010-920
  • Select Section – The characters at the end of your registered course, such as ENGL-1010-920
  • Continue to add courses until you have all of your courses listed
  • Click Find Materials
  • Choose from your options – usually buy or rent, new or used – by checking the desired option in the Buy column
  • Click Add item to bag
  • When you’ve added all needed course books/materials to your shopping cart, click the green Shopping Cart box.
  • You can check out one of three ways:
    • Enter your account information to log in
    • Create an account
    • Check out as a guest
  • Click the green Proceed to Delivery Method box.
    • Enter requested information
  • Enter the address you want your books shipped to.
    • Click on the green box Use this Address
  • Click on the green Proceed to Payment Method box.
  • If using financial aid, please follow these instructions. Check the Financial Aid/Scholarship box.
    • Enter your NC State student ID with all leading zeros.
    • Click the Find Accounts box.

Please call the bookstore at: 419-747-5401 for hours of operation. Please note due to limited hours and staffing, online purchases are the PREFERRED method. SPRING term in-person bookstore purchase against excess financial aid run January 10, 2023 – February 1, 2023. To purchase in-store you will need a photo ID, your schedule and a printout of your “MyNC” View Account and Make a Payment (or pull it up on your smart phone).

Remember. . .

  • Only students with excess financial aid can charge books against their financial aid.
  • Only books and supplies required for current semester courses may be charged against excess financial aid.
  • If your financial aid is insufficient to cover what you charge at the bookstore, you are responsible to pay the balance owed. Changing your registration can alter the amount of your financial aid.
  • If you have any questions, you can contact the bookstore directly at: 419-747-5401 or emailing:
  • Please note: Students should purchase all books and supplies during this bookstore charge window as there will NOT be another charge date for courses that start later in the term.