CCP Testing Information


  • It depends on the student’s individual course plan. Some courses require testing for placement into the course, regardless of a student’s GPA or class standing.

    Reasons a student would not be required to take the ACCUPLACER for CCP:

    1. The student meets CCP Eligibility by GPA as set forth by OAC Rule 3333-1-65.14 AND the courses they are seeking do not require additional test scores for course placement. Rest assured! This student will have numerous courses to choose from if they are CCP eligible by GPA, but have not taken ACT or ACCUPLACER.


    2. The student has already taken the ACCUPLACER or ACT, AND has earned the scores required for THE CCP Courses they are seeking, AND they have meet the CCP Eligibility requirements set forth by OAC Rule 3333-1-65.44. NCSC will need a copy of these scores sent to

    Please review our list of commonly requested courses to see if test scores are required, click here to open PDF .

    • A more comprehensive list of NCSC courses and prerequisites can be accessed by clicking here.
    • NCSC’s Course Catalog and Student Handbook can accessed by clicking here.

    If you don’t see the course of interest or have questions, please contact us!

  • Review for the right test sections.

    How long will the Accuplacer take?

    • The Reading and Math sections are not timed. The WritePlacer section is timed at 60 minutes.
    • Taking all three sections (Reading, WritePlacer and Adv. Algebra) may last between 2-2.5 hours.

    How do I view my scores or send ACCUPLACER scores from one college to the next?

    Visit the ACCUPLACER Student Portal located here. You will need the college student ID from the college with which you took the ACCUPLACER.

    What scores do I need? I’m interested in taking English Comp. I, College Algebra, and Chemistry.

    Please review this chart to see what scores are needed for these courses and others.

    Not seeing your course or have other questions? Contact us!

  • You must have a CCP Application submitted to NCSC before you can schedule the ACCUPLACER.

  • Please note, colleges may offer different test sections. NCSC will need scores from the following ACCUPLACER sections:
       Reading, Advanced Algebra, and WritePlacer.

    If you’ve taken the ACT, or if you’ve taken the ACCUPLACER with another college/university, you can request they be sent to

    Or, you can view and send your scores from the ACCUPLACER student Portal. 

    Visit the ACCUPLACER Student Portal located here. You will need the college student ID from the college with which you took the ACCUPLACER.

  • For school counselors or other employees of a school district, who are seeking to administer the ACCUPLACER to your students:
    • Please send an email with the testing date(s) you are considering and if you are planning to proctor, or if you are requesting a NCSC staff member to proctor.
    • If proctoring the test, your NCSC ACCUPLACER Certification must be current. Each certification lasts for one year from certification date.
    • If you are seeking to become a certified ACCUPLACER proctor for the first time please note this in your request. Once approved, you will get an email with your login information and ACCUPLACER training materials to complete the ACCUPLACER Proctor Certification test.
    • If you have a current proctor certification and you will be hosting a testing session, please contact our CCP Director at at least one week prior to your anticipated testing date to coordinate this.
      • For the CCP applicants seeking to test, we will need
        • A list of names and dates of birth, your planned testing day and what sections of the test each student should be taking (if different than the complete CCP testing package of Reading, WritePlacer and Advanced Algebra). Once this information is provided, we will provide you with the necessary vouchers needed for testing.
    • Students must have a valid application on file with NCSC at least 24 hours prior to the testing date. Apply for CCP.
    • If you would like an NCSC representative to come to your school to assist you with ACCUPLACER testing, please contact Caree Bash,