CCP Testing Information

Testing Information for CCP Students

It depends…

There are several reasons a student would not have to take the Accuplacer placement test:

• A student has already taken the Accuplacer and/or ACT and received the scores needed for eligibility with CCP and/or for the classes the student wants to take through NCSC

• The student meets GPA eligibility guidelines as set forth by the OAC Rule 3333-1-65.14

If none of the above apply to the student, or if the student is taking a course that requires certain placement scores (see score requirements here for commonly requested courses), then the student will need to take the Accuplacer placement test or ACT

The student can call our Testing Center at 419-755-4736 to schedule a time to test on-campus. A student must have applied to the college before the test can be given. A link to the application can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming a Proctor and administering the Accuplacer to your students, you will need Proctor credentials. If you do not already have NCSC Accuplacer credentials, please fill out the request form here. Once approved, you will get an email with your login information and Accuplacer training materials to complete the Accuplacer Proctor Certification test. If you already are certified to proctor and you will be hosting a testing session, please contact our Testing Coordinator, Justin Beeman, at with a list of: students names and dates of birth who plan on testing, your planned testing day and what sections of the test each student should be taking if different than Reading, WritePlacer and Math. Once this information is provided, Justin will provide you with the necessary vouchers needed for testing. If you would like an NCSC representative to come to your school to assist you with testing, please contact one of the following below and we will do our best to assist you. • Caree Bash, CCP Director: • Scott George, Academic Advisor: • Casey Randall, Academic Advisor:

Prepare for ACCUPLACER and preview sample tests on the Accuplacer Website. CCP Students will be offered the following test sections with NCSC: Next Generation Reading, WritePlacer and Advanced Algebra How long does the Accuplacer test take to complete? If the student is taking all three sections (Reading, WritePlacer and Math) the test may last anywhere between 1.5-2 hours. Please note that the Reading and Math sections are not timed, however, the WritePlacer is timed for one hour.

If you’ve taken the ACT, or if you’ve taken the Accuplacer with another college/university, those scores can be reviewed to verify whether or not you need to test for course eligibility. Please have a copy of your scores sent to

Please note, North Central State College only considers Accuplacer Reading, Accuplacer Advanced Algebra, and WritePlacer when reviewing course/student eligibility.