CCP Degree Pathways

Carve Your Path. Reach Your Goals.

Your College Credit Plus classes can lead you to a degree at North Central State College and beyond. Click on a Pathway below to review courses. Talk with your CCP Advisor about your plans and discovering your path to reach your goals!

What is a Pathway? 
  • A Pathway is a map to help you navigate the CCP course options to reach your end goal.
    • CCP Pathways consists of approximately 5 to 10 college courses (equaling about 15 to 30+ credits). Pathways align with a either degree at NCSC, Ohio Transfer 36 (OT 36), or Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTP).

What is the Ohio Transfer 36?

  • The Ohio Transfer 36 (OT 36) consists of the general education requirements for Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), or bachelor’s degrees.
    • If you are pursuing a degree and planning to transfer from one Ohio public college or university to another, work with an academic advisor to select appropriate Ohio Transfer 36 courses for your general education requirements.

What are Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways?

  •  Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTP) provide a clear path to associate degree completion and then to bachelor’s degree completion in a related major. Check out the OGTP planning tool here! By following an OGTP, you can ensure that you are taking coursework that will not only transfer, but apply to your desired degree.

How do I transfer credits from North Central State College? 

  • Credit from North Central State can be transferred to another college or university.
  • If you have identified your future college or major, share this with your CCP Advisor so they can help you select applicable and transferable CCP courses. How transfer credit is applied is up to the receiving college, so the more you know about where you’re going, the better we can assist!
  • Request your official NCSC transcript be sent to the next college you plan to attend. This is necessary for that college to review and determine transfer credit awards.

Transferring Credits from North Central State College

Credit from North Central State can be transferred to another college to continue a bachelor’s degree. Select the OT36, OGTP, or TAG buttons below to learn more.

Ohio Transfer 36 (OT36)Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTP)Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG)