Advising, Textbooks, and Other Resources

North Central State understands that feeling supported as a student is essential to your success. We want you to be aware of all of the different forms of resources and assistance available to you.

CCP Academic Advising

CCP Academic Advisors are here to help you with every part of your academic journey, from the beginning through graduation. Your advisor can help you with:

  • College Acceptance
  • Course Planning
  • Degree/Career Pathways
  • Registration
  • Transferring credit
  • Transitioning to a traditional NCSC student
  • And more!

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Qualifying Courses

Students may choose to take courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements, college graduation requirements, transfer needs, or based solely on interest. There are, however, requirements for which courses a CCP student can take.

Level 1 Courses:

The state of Ohio requires CCP students to first complete 15 hours of coursework that meet the following criteria before taking any courses which fall outside of these categories:

  1. Transferable Course: Any course which is an approved OH36, TAG, or CTAG
  2. Technical Certificate Course: Any course part of an organized program of study for a technical certificate
  3. Subject: Any course in computer science, information technology, anatomy, physiology, or foreign language
  4. Pathway course: Any course specifically part of a college-developed degree pathway
  5. Preparatory: Any course designed to teach study skills, academic, or career success

Upon completion of a Level 1 course, students may take a Level 2 course in the same subject even if the 15-hour requirement has not been met.

North Central State College Level 1 CCP Courses

Course & Degree Planning:

To assist you in selecting the right courses for your academic goals, here are a few resources you might find helpful:

  • Degree Pathways: If you’re looking to get an early start on your degree with North Central State College
  • Transfer Credit: If you already have a Bachelor’s degree in mind, the state has multiple tools for you to be sure you’re taking the right courses to transfer
  • Course Search: If you just want to see what North Central State College will be offering


How to Obtain Books and Course Materials as a CCP Student:

If you are…

Talk to your counselor to ask what your school’s CCP Textbook policy is, then refer to the steps below for your next course of action.

Talk to your school counselor. They will assist you with textbooks for the courses for which you received CCP funding. If you are self-paying for courses, you must also pay for your textbooks. If you purchase your textbook(s) from the Campus Bookstore (Follett), you can be assured it is the correct edition and bundle for your course(s) at NCSC.

If you purchase or rent your book elsewhere, please be sure to check the edition, ISBN, and bundle, where applicable.

Under CCP rules (ORC 3365.07, 3365.09) homeschool students are responsible for textbook costs or rental fees. If you purchase or rent your textbook(s) from the Campus Bookstore, you can be assured it is the correct edition and bundle for your course(s) at NCSC.

If you purchase or rent your book elsewhere, please be sure to check the edition, ISBN, and bundle, where applicable.

Books and course materials will be provided to CCP students, speak with your counselor regarding obtaining these items.

Steps For Obtaining Book Voucher

1.) Determine Required Book/Materials: Visit the bookstore site,

2.) Select the department, course, and section in which the student is enrolled. Students will get their course and section numbers from their NCSC class schedule. Students can log into MyNC to check their schedule for this information. Click here for MyNC log-in help.

3.) If you see Open Education Resouce (OER) or Free Electronic Online Textbook the textbook will be provided as an electronic version* via Canvas.

4.) Obtain Voucher: Students who have been advised by their school counselor to obtain books through NCSC with a textbook voucher, refer to the following information. The voucher system is an option. Obtaining your textbooks in a means other than covered by your school district’s policies will result in you paying for your textbooks. In the voucher option, the school district is billed for the materials and owns the materials. Students must return materials to their school after completing the course, or pay for the materials.Students will obtain their book vouchers from the Cashier’s Office in the Byron Kee Center NO MORE THAN 10 DAYS PRIOR TO THE START OF YOUR CLASS. Students must show a photo ID before the voucher will be released. You may also get your student ID card from the Cashier’s Office. To verify hours of availability, or with questions regarding the book voucher process, please contact the Cashier’s Office at or 419-755-4722.

5.) Obtain Books: Once your voucher has been obtained you can visit the campus bookstore to obtain all required books and materials. Bookstore hours may vary from college working hours, so be sure to call (419-747-5401) and confirm they’re open before heading to campus.

*For inquiries about the possibility of acquiring a physical textbook for these courses, please contact the individual listed below for your specific course:

Jeremy Swank: For courses beginning with: ACCT, ARTS, BUSM, CISS, ECON, ELET, EMMT, ENGR, ENRD, ITEC, MECT, MFGT, PHYS, VCMT
Kimberly Lybarger: For courses beginning with: COMM, CRMJ, EDUT, ENGL, FYEX, GEOL, HIST, HMSV, HUMA, MATH, MSCI, MUSC, PHIL, POLT, PSYC, SOCY, SPAN, STAT
Amy Burns: For courses beginning with: AGRI, BIOL, BIOS, CHEM, HLTH

Orientation & Registration

Any CCP student, taking courses for the first time on North Central State College’s campus or online, must first complete the CCP Orientation. CCP Orientation covers vital new student information to help you be a successful college student.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Support Services available to you as an on-campus/online student
  • Review of technology you’ll use an on-campus/online student
  • Rules and regulations regarding the College Credit Plus program
  • How to access your courses
  • How to get your textbooks
  • Registration for your courses

For students who have taken NCSC courses through their high school, you may already be familiar with some of the information covered, but it is essential you complete the entire orientation.

Once you’ve taken a course on the NCSC campus or online, you may self-register online for future terms, with advisor approval, during your priority​ registration period listed on the NCSC Academic Calendar.

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