Registration & Orientation


If you attend a partner high school and plan to only take CCP courses offered in your high school, you will register for those courses with your School Counselor and do not need to attend a New Student Orientation.


Any CCP student, taking courses for the first time at a NCSC campus or online, must first meet with a NCSC Advisor to discuss your goals and build your course plan. After that you must attend orientation at the college. During orientation, we will cover vital new student information and complete your course registration. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Support Services available to you as an on-campus/online student
  • Review of technology you’ll use an on-campus/online student
  • Rules and regulations regarding the College Credit Plus program
  • How to access your courses
  • How to get your text books
  • Registration for your courses

For students who have taken NCSC courses through their high school, you may already be familiar with some of the information covered, but it is essential you attend the entire orientation.

Once you’ve taken a course on the NCSC campus or online, you may self-register online for future terms, with advisor approval, during your priority​ registration period listed on the NCSC Academic Calendar.

March 2021 Options

Tuesday, March 30 9-11 AM

April 2021 Options

Wednesday, April 7                        9-11 AM

Thursday, April 15                          2-4 PM

Tuesday, April 20                           2-4 PM

Thursday, April 29                         9-11 AM

June 2021 Options

Thursday, June 3                            9-11 AM

Wednesday, June 9                        2-4 PM

Monday, June 14                            2-4 PM

Tuesday, June 22                           9-11 AM OR 2-4 PM

Tuesday, June 29                           9-11 AM

May 2021 Options

Wednesday, May 5                        9-11 AM

Thursday, May 13                       2-4 PM

Tuesday, May 18                            9-11 AM

Monday, May 24                           2-4 PM

May 13 is the deadline for new student registration for Summer Semester 2021

July 2021 Options

Tuesday, July 13                            9-11 AM OR 2-4 PM

Wednesday, July 21                      9-11 AM OR 2-4 PM

Monday, July 26                           2-4 PM

Thursday, July 29*                       9-11 AM

July 29 is the deadline for new student registration for Fall Semester 2021

To schedule your initial advising appointment, or to schedule your New Student Orientation after you’ve completed your advising appointment, please contact: