Getting Started with CCP

Congratulations on making a choice to take college courses! Follow the steps below to enroll in the College Credit Plus (CCP) program at North Central State College.
  • School districts will host CCP Information Nights annually, between October and February. Check with your school counselor for dates/times – or recordings of the information! Important rules and regulations as well as benefits and risks will be covered during these meetings. High Schools will invite colleges to attend and be available for questions.

    Other resources:

  • For Public School Students: The annual deadline to submit your Intent to Participate form is April 1st. See your school counselor for a copy of/to turn in your Intent Form. If you miss this annual deadline, please contact your high school directly.

    For Homeschool and Non-Public School Students: The annual deadline to apply for CCP funding to the Ohio Department of Education is April 1st. Your Intent to Participate form will be included in part of this electronic process. For funding instructions, please visit the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s website. *Once you receive your CCP Funding letter in mid-May each year, you must forward a copy of this to If you intend to take more CCP courses than you receive funding for, you will need to contact NCSC to make payment arrangements at the time of course registration.

  • Submit your CCP application to North Central State College.

    Apply Here First you will create an Admissions account with NCSC, using a non-school email address and creating a password. A few important notes on this… 

    • School email accounts will block outside emails — often this includes important CCP admission updates from NCSC!
    • If needed, you can set up a free Gmail account.
    • When selecting the type of application from the list of options, be sure to select CCP Application. 

    Once you create your Admissions account, select ‘Create New Application, and then select the CCP Application from the list of options. Complete all required fields on the CCP application, sign, and then be sure to submit!

    Need help? Access our application instructions.

  • As part of your application process, this is the list of required documents we will need from you.


    1. Transcript: Your application cannot be reviewed until NCSC receives your transcript and all required items. For high school students, please ask your school counselor to send a high school transcript with your GPA and SSID number. For middle school students, please ask your school counselor to send your grade report signed by the principal, along with your SSID number.
    2. CCP Eligibility Requirement: Meet this Ohio requirement through one of the options listed here, and on the CCP Eligibility Chart linked here (PDF).
    3. Test Scores: If you have ACT scores, or have taken the ACCUPLACER for another college, please be sure NCSC receives these. If your high school has your ACT scores, request that they include these on your transcript they send to NCSC. Some courses will require test scores to meet course placement requirements.
      Click here
      to review important ACCUPLACER information for CCP students.
    4. CCP Permission Slip: This required document (electronic) must be signed by the student and parent/guardian. The form is located within your NCSC Admissions Account, under Supplemental Items.
    5. 5. Student Questionnaire: This required enrollment document (electronic) must be completed and signed by the student. The form is located within your NCSC Admissions Account, under Supplemental Items.


    *You will be notified by email of your CCP admission and next steps, once each requirement is met. This is why applying with an email that can receive communication from NCSC is vital!

    Required documents can be sent to

    College coursework may contain mature subject matter. Content is not altered or censored for CCP students.

  • Your CCP Student Orientation is a key step in preparing to succeed as a college student in CCP!

    • Learn about our NCSC campus community, the resources, and perks you can access as a CCP student.
    • Discover with the support systems we have for you – to help you meet your goals!
    • Review and keep important CCP drop dates and college deadlines front and center as you start classes.
    • Be introduced to scholarship and transfer opportunities for our CCP students after high school, and more!
    • Note any questions that come up from CCP Orientation, so that you can ask your CCP Advisor to clarify!

    CCP Student Orientation is a required step to complete prior to scheduling with your CCP Advisor for on-campus or online courses.
    Upon notice of admission, click here to complete your CCP Student Orientation, and the embedded quiz

  • We look forward to getting to know you!

    Schedule to meet with our CCP Advisors to:

    • discuss your interests and academic and career goals
    • select the Pathway that aligns with your goals
    • review any questions from orientation
    • register in courses for the upcoming semester, and build out a longer term plan
    • share about you — your interests and involvements!

    Schedule a CCP Advising Appointment.

    CCP students, who are solely taking NCSC courses offered through their high school, must meet with their school counselor to complete their course schedule.

  • Determine if a Course has Required Books/Access Codes that You Will Need to Get.
    For courses online or at a NCSC campus location (Main, Kehoe, Crawford), you may need to get books or access codes from the Campus Bookstore.
    How do you know?
    From your schedule in MyNC or on the Campus Bookstore site
    • Log into MyNC, go to your schedule and click on each course. This will show details about the course, including required materials (books/access codes or Open Education Resources).
      • If you see Open Education Resource (OER) or Free Electronic Online Textbook listed in MyNC or on the Bookstore site, then the textbook will be provided by your NCSC instructor, as an electronic version via your course shell in Canvas.
    • If your course has required materials other than OER, then refer to the textbook/code purchasing and voucher information here.
  • Check your Schedule, Go to Class and Get Started!
    For courses online or at a NCSC campus location (Main, Kehoe, Crawford), log into Canvas to read your course syllabus, greet your instructor, and review the first week assignments, due dates and term calendar for the course. For these, your courses load into your Canvas Dashboard no later than the first day of the semester.
    Find the answers to these questions:
    • Have you registered for Password Services? Each student must do so.
    • Who do you contact if you are having password or login issues? What are their hours?
    • What is your instructor’s official method of communication and how do you access it? (NCSC email from Office 365, Phone, Text, etc.)
      • Please note: You will see a messaging feature in Canvas for your instructor. This is NOT your email account.
    • Can you Access your NCSC Email Account?
      • Log into Office 365 and open the Outlook Application. This is your NCSC student email account.
      • Check this regularly. You can put this on a cell phone or mobile device, or set it up to forward to another email account.
    • What are these Important Dates for your CCP Courses?
      • What are the due dates/times for your first week assignments?
      • What is the last date/time you can drop a course without penalty?
      • What is the last date/time you can request to be withdrawn from a course with a grade of “W”?
      • Who must you contact and how do you request a course drop or course withdrawal with a grade of “W”? with your CCP Advisor?
      • What is the deadline for your Final Exam or Project? (This may differ from the typical course day/time.)
      • Will your instructor accept late assignments for a reduced grade? If so, how many days past? Or will they not accept late assignments AT ALL. This differs by instructor and course.
      • When can you view your final course grade in MyNC?
    • How do you access or request your NCSC transcript?
      • How do your access/download an unofficial transcript from MyNC?
      • How do you request an official NCSC transcript as graduating high school senior, if transferring to another college?
Be sure to have all items completed and submitted by NCSC’s CCP deadlines, opens in a new window.

*State guidelines determine eligibility for the College Credit Plus (CCP) program. For the full list of requirements, see the “Student Eligibility Resources” section of the Ohio Higher Education CCP website.

Questions regarding student eligibility to participate in CCP, or North Central State College course eligibility, can be directed to NCSC’s CCP Staff