Reference Guide

Academic Liaisons

Each building (Fallerius, Health Science and Kehoe) has an academic liaison who is available to advise students, to answer questions, determine a major, choose classes for the next term, etc.
Contact: Fallerius: Brian Wirick
Phone: 419-755-4531
Location: 146 Fallerius
Contact: Health Science: Brandon Stover
Phone: 419-755-5635
Location: 204 Health Sciences
Contact: Kehoe: Jeremy Swank
Phone: 419-755-5685
Location: 160 Kehoe Center
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Testing and Assessment Services

Assessment given to incoming students in the Student Success & Transition Services (assesses their reading, writing and math skills)

  • The assessment is by appointment and free the first time ($25.00 for retest)

Contact: Student Success & Transition Center for appointments
Phone: 419-755-4764
Location: 136 Kee Hall
Contact: Justin Beeman, Test Proctor
Phone: 419-755-4736
Location: 138 Kee Hall
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Admissions, Recruitment & Gateway Services


Responsible for helping students access the college in the following areas:

  • Provide information requested to prospective students
  • Enrollment Advisor available to meet with prospective students
  • Recruit prospective students from area schools, businesses & community
  • Provide campus tours (by Student Ambassadors and Work Studies or Recruiters)
  • Assess students and help with steps to enroll, provides a variety of information/brochures, etc.

Contact: Admissions Office and Welcome Desk
Phone: 419-755-4761
Location: 103 Kee Hall & Rotunda
Contact: Amanda Sheets, Director Admissions Recruiting & Gateway Services
Phone: 419-755-5650
Location: 104 Kee Hall
Contact: April Gregory, Enrollment Advisor
Phone: 419-755-4532
Location: 113 Kee Hall
Contact: Cassie Sager, Recruiter
Phone: 419-755-5661
Location: 112 Kee Hall
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Advising Contacts

Academic Advising

Student Success Center Staff

Academic Liaison – Title III Academic Advising services targeted for students by division/major/program

Contact: Jeremy Swank, Kehoe Center Advisor, Business, Industry, and Technology Division
Phone: 419-755-5685
Location: 160 Kehoe Center
Contact: Brandon Stover, Health Sciences Advisor, Health Sciences Division
Phone: 419-755-5635
Location: 204 Health Sciences
Contact: Brian Wirick, Fallerius Advisor, Liberal Arts and Education Division
Phone: 419-755-4531
Location: 146 Fallerius
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Take a class for information only and no grade
  • Student still pays full cost of the class; not eligible for financial aid
  • Student is not required to take any exams but is expected to participate otherwise
  • Must still officially register for the class and request to audit

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Bookstore (This link will take you out of the NC State website)

Provides the following services to provide books and supplies for classes:

  • Purchase or rent new or used textbooks or e-books using cash, credit, or financial aid dollars
  • Purchase BP or Shell /gas cards using financial aid dollars
  • Purchase computers, software, or other academic supplies using cash, credit or financial aid dollars
  • Purchase NC State/OSU clothing or non-academic items using cash or credit only
  • Visit the Bookstore website to order books online for pickup at the bookstore/shipped to home for $7.50 or check prices online

Regular Hours: Monday & Tuesday 9am-7pm, Wednesday & Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday 9am-2pm

Extended Hours the first week of the term: Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday 9am-4pm

Contact: Carla Butdorff, Bookstore Manager
Phone: 419-747-5401
Location: Bookstore
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Bromfield Library and Information Commons (BLIC)


Provides research, study, and project support for students, faculty, and staff

  • Computers available for the campus and local community
  • Research assistance
  • State-of-the-art group study facilities
  • Technology help desk
  • Available printer ($0.04), color printer ($0.15), digital scanner (free), copier ($0.04), poster printer ($0.009/in2, laminator ($0.25/ft.)
  • Available items – SLR digital photography cameras, HD video cameras, tripods and projectors are available on 3 day checkout. Mobile device chargers (2 hour checkout), scientific/graphing calculator (semester checkout), and some textbooks are also available.
  • Library instruction support for faculty
  • State-of-the-art interactive classroom is available for faculty on semester or short term reservation schedules

Regular Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm


Contact: Bromfield Library and Information Commons
Phone: 419-755-4331 Circulation Desk
Location: BLIC
Contact: Andrea Wittmer, Head Librarian
Phone: 419-755-4029
Location: BLIC
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Bus Service - RCT (Richland County Transit)

RCT Buses (This will take you out of the NC State website)
  • Bus service for NC State/OSU-M students to and from main campus and Kehoe in Shelby
  • Must have current/valid student ID card with paid fees sticker to ride free
  • For more information call RCT at 419-522-4504 or stop by the Welcome Desk in Kee Hall for a bus schedule

Contact: Sandy Hoffman

  • Administrative Assistant for Business and Administrative Services
  • Special arrangements for unusual circumstances

Phone: 419-755-4816
Location: 156 Fallerius
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Campus Recreation Center

Campus Recreation Center

The CRC offers collegiate and intramural sports along with non-credit classes, and gym facilities for students.

  • A student ID is required to use the Campus Recreation Center. (Student ID’s are made at the Cashier’s Office in Kee Hall)
  • Collegiate sports schedule: women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, cheerleading and baseball
  • Fall and spring term intramural sports like tennis, cornhole, dodgeball, flag football, basketball, etc. Registration occurs at the beginning of each term. Stop by the CRC for information and to sign up.
  • Contains a weight room, aerobic equipment, gym, and locker rooms with showers and towels for students, their families (free), and guests ($2.00 fee)
  • Non-credit classes (free or nominal fee) include classes like Yoga and Zumba
  • Offers outdoor tennis courts, basketball court, softball diamond, and flag football and soccer fields

Regular Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday 9am-5pm, Shortened hours in the summer

Contact: Jen Racer, Programs Coordinator, Athletics & Recreation
Phone: 419-755-4040
Location: Campus Recreation Center
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Career Development Services

Career Development Resources

The Career Resource Center in Kee Hall Room 102 offers career counseling

  • Free online career services and job search tools are available to anyone on NC State’s homepage at: Career toolkit
    • Use Focus 2 for career guidance by matching interests to careers
    • Use Career Coach to find job trend information (e.g., salary, job growth, etc.) about various careers
    • Use College Central Network for online job searches and to create a resume
    • Career exploration, job shadowing, resume writing, etc.
    • Appointments can be made by the Student Success & Transition Services Office

Contact: Paula Waldruff, Career Pathway Coordinator
Phone: 419-755-4786
Location: 102 Kee HallMonday-Friday 8am-5pm
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Cashier's Office

Bill Payment

Pay tuition and other college related fees.

  • Make payments or pay for transcripts, graduation petitions, CDC fees, TEAS testing, fingerprinting, Accuplacer (retest fee) and Fallerius locker rentals ($5 per term)
  • Student ID cards are printed ($10.00 to re-print a card)
  • Pick up paid fees sticker for student ID cards
  • Payment drop box available for student convenience
  • Lori McKee, Vice President, Business/CFO

Regular Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Contact: Cashier's Office
Phone: 419-755-4722
Location: 140 Kee Hall
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Child Development Center

Child Development Center

Child care and education for infants, toddlers, and preschool children and supportive services for parents of enrolled children. The CDC is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and 5-star rated through Ohio’s Step Up to Quality rating system. The CDC also serves as a teaching laboratory for college students preparing for a career working with young children and their families.

  • Works with Richland and surrounding counties to support families eligible for child care subsidy
  • Enhanced services provided to infants (6 weeks or older), toddlers (up to 3 years), and pregnant women through federal Early Head Start full-or part-time center-based services and home-based programming options
  • Full-and part-time preschool services for children from ages three to kindergarten entry
  • Students interested in work study opportunities at the CDC can call 419-755-4899 (Financial Aid)

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 am – 5:30 pm

Contact: Wendy Thompson, Child Development Center Director
Phone: 419-755-5671
Location: Child Development Center
Contact: Child Development Center
Phone: 419-755-5600
Location: Child Development Center
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College Credit Plus (CCP)

CCP Portal

Through Ohio’s College Credit Plus initiative, college-ready students entering grades 7-12 could earn college credit through North Central State College, by taking courses offered at NCSC, online and potentially at their high school. Note: Former variations of early college opportunities, such as Post-Secondary Enrollment, Dual Credit, and Seniors to Sophomores, are all now College Credit Plus.

Contact: Caree Bash - Director of College Credit Plus
Phone: 419-755-4843
Location: 123B Kee Hall
Contact: Scott George - CCP Student Success Coach
Phone: 419-755-4547
Location: 114 Kee Hall
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College NOW

College NOW Website (This will take you out of the NC State website)

Engineering, bioscience, and business programs for high school students.

  • Collaborative program between NC State College, Pioneer Career and Technology Center and Ashland County West Holmes Career Center under College Tech Prep. Students have an opportunity to graduate from high school with an associate degree in engineering, bioscience, or business.
  • Link to articulation agreements: [[LINK NEEDED]]

Contact: Caree Bash - Director of College Credit Plus
Phone: 419-755-4843
Location: 123B Kee Hall
Contact: Scott George - CCP Student Success Coach
Phone: 419-755-4547
Location: 114 Kee Hall
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Computer Labs

Computer Labs

North Central State College provides open labs for students in each building. All labs have access to Microsoft Office, the internet, and pay-to-print printer.

Contact: 245 Health Science Center
Phone: Monday-Thursday 7:30am-7pm, Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 12pm-4pm
Contact: 133 Kehoe Center
Phone: Monday-Thursday 7:30am-10pm, Friday 7:30am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm with ID
Contact: 144 Fallerius
Phone: Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-2pm
Contact: 102 Crawford Success Center
Phone: Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm, Friday 8am-1pm
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Crawford Success Center

Crawford Success Center

State-of-the-art outreach center serving Crawford County and the surrounding area. The center serves as a way to work toward a certificate or associate degree, enroll in College Credit Plus, or an entry point for students who need to complete a GED. We offer classes, workforce training, professional development, and seminars on-site. We are dedicated to maximizing student access to North Central State College and providing support and information for the transition to college.

  • Offers convenient location for Crawford County residents, surrounding county residents and business community
  • Offers courses for credit, professional development, continuing education and workforce training

Location: Nathan Harvey, Crawford Success Center Director
Hours: 419-755-9041
: 130 N. Walnut, Bucyrus, OH 44820
Location: Crawford Success Center
Hours: 419-755-9039
: 130 N. Walnut, Bucyrus, OH 44820
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Computer Literacy Assessment

Computer Literacy Assessment
  • Provided by Student Success & Transition Center
  • Computer Literacy Assessment is required of any student before taking certain computer classes
  • Includes keyboarding (words per minute) and Windows 10 knowledge, Microsoft Word 2013, email (Outlook) and Internet Explorer
  • Given by appointment in Student Success & Transition Services at no cost the first time ($15 for retest)

Location: Casey Kelley, Testing & Assessment Specialist
Hours: 419-755-4736
: 138 Kee Hall
Location: Student Success & Transition Center
Hours: 419-755-4764
: 136 Kee Hall
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Disability Services (Office of Disability Services - ODS)

Disability Services Office

A coordination of support services that assists students who have a disability(s), also see Specialized Support Services for details.

Location: Doug Heestand, M.S.W.
Hours: 419-755-4727
: 144A Kee Hall
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Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Program

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eLearning and Innovation (Online Learning)

North Central State College Online Homepage

Supports ALL NC State students and faculty usage of Canvas and Zoom. Also offers technical support and consultation for students and faculty taking/designing classes in any of the three different forms of Distance Learning NC State offers:

  • FULLY ONLINE – Sections 92x (ie 920, 921 etc.)
    All class activities are online via Canvas with no live meetings (outside of a possible initial orientation)
  • Zoom Online Hybrid Classes – Sections 91x (ie 910, 911 etc.)
    All class activities are online via Canvas, but with regular required ONLINE live class meeting times, via Zoom.
    No campus visits necessary
  • On-Campus HYBRID Classes – Sections 90x (ie 900, 901 etc.)
    Some class activities are online via Canvas, but there are also regular required ON-CAMPUS live class meetings.
  • While offering various degrees of flexibility in the time and place of learning, Distance courses may not be a good fit for all students or faculty. Typically, to be successful in a distance course, students need to be good independent learners with solid time management, reading, writing, and computer skills.
  • Courses delivered online appear on the transcript identical to their on-campus counterparts

Location: Mike Welker, eLearning and Innovation Coordinator
Hours: 419-755-4706
: 150A Fallerius
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Emergency Student Loan Fund

Short-term loan for school-related emergencies. Not for normal college expenses such as tuition and books or living expenses. It is for emergencies relating to attendance at the College and extraordinary college-related expenses.
  • Can be used for required school materials such as uniforms which cannot be purchased through the campus bookstore
  • Must be eligible for other aid which will repay the loan

Location: Amanda Kaltenbaugh, Financial Aid Director
Hours: 419-755-4720
: 143 Kee Hall
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Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid Homepage

Provides help in paying tuition and with book expenses.

  • Students can qualify for grants & scholarships (do not have to be repaid), loans (must be repaid), and student employment (must be earned)
  • Most aid eligibility is based on the income and assets of the student’s family
  • The FAFSA (federal aid application) is required and should be submitted at least two months prior to the student’s start term
  • Jim Phinney, Financial Aid Director

Location: Financial Aid Office
Hours: 419-755-4899
: 143 Kee Hall
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First Aid

  • Contact security for minor first aid assistance at 419-755-4218 (main campus)
  • Basic first aid kits are available at the Kehoe Center main office or the Welcome Desk at Kee Hall
  • A defibrillator is housed at the Main Campus Secuity Office and the Campus Recreation Center

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Health Insurance

Information about student health insurance is available at the Welcome Desk in Kee Hall. This insurance is not provided by or endorsed by the College.
  • Low cost insurance is offered to students with additional coverage for dependents available upon request
  • Brochures available at the Welcome desk in Kee Hall or go to
  • Insurance is provided by Anthem at 1-888-830-3520 Trevor Corley, Independent Producer

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Honors College

The opportunity for students to earn honor’s credit for classes. With the accumulation of 15 honors credits, a student can graduate “with honors”.

  • Notification letters are sent during the first week of each term to registered students who have a 3.5 or higher GPA
  • Interested students can pick up the Letter of Qualification in the Liberal Arts office, 141 Fallerius
  • Students talk with their instructors about appropriate projects
  • Faculty member fills out an honors project contract (from the Honors College handbook or from the LA office) that the student signs
  • Students attend at least one colloquium event per term
  • Students prepare a poster to be displayed at the end of the term at the Honors Poster Exhibition
  • Student must pass the course with a “B” or higher to earn honors credit

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Students and employers connect with internships on College Central Network and more. Most internships are paid experiences with private companies and non-profits. Students can work with faculty/dean on a case-by-case basis for potential course credit. Career and networking opportunities available throughout the year.
  • Contact the Internship Coordinator for an appointment.
  • Resume assistance, develop an internship search plan, and more.

Location: NC State Office
Hours: 419-755-4580
: 163 Kehoe Center
Location: OSU-Mansfield Office
Hours: 419-755-4325
: 104 Ovalwood
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IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

Provides a single point of contact for NC State College’s information and technology needs including office and classroom computers (PC maintenance, PC moves, & PC software install), Smart classrooms, audio visual set up for events, printers, copiers, email, network, wireless, phone, voicemail, Encore and MyNC Administrative systems (including special reporting for financial and student).

  • IT Service request tickets can be placed through My Services
  • Wireless access can be obtained by logging in as “Guest”

Location: IT Service Desk
Hours: 419-755-4734
: 145 Fallerius
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Make-up Exam Service

See [[Proctor Exam Service]]

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My Services for Staff, Faculty and Adjuncts

My Services

My Services is a web based interface that enables NC State employees (including adjuncts) to submit and track the status of their NC State service requests online. All service requests for the following areas must be made through My Services:

  • Car Requests (fleet car/van services), Data/Research (all data related requests), Distance Learning Requests (via Canvas), Duplicating Center (all copy requests), Facilities (all custodial, equipment moves, key requests, mailroom services, and maintenance requests), and the IT Service Desk (all office/classroom computers, smart classrooms, audio/visual setup, printers & copiers, network, WiFi, email, phone and voicemail, Encore and MyNC modifications requests)
  • My Services Location – From the College’s home page, roll over Faculty/Staff and choose My Services from the pop up menu. There will also be a link to My Services on the Facilities, Institutional Research, and Information Technology websites.

Location: IT Service Desk
Hours: 419-755-4734
: 145 Fallerius
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Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership

The Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) at North Central State College is tasked with working with small and mid-sized North Central Ohio manufacturers to help them create and retain jobs, increase profits, and save time and money. MEP is a National Institute of Standards and Technology program providing a variety of services, from improvements to green manufacturing.

Location: Director of the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership at NC State College
Phone: 419-755-9018
: 168 Kehoe Center
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P-16 (SPARC)

Sparc Talent Development

Part of the Richland County Development Grant (RCDG) Talent Development Committee, the North Central Ohio P-16 Council is a collaboration of regional stakeholders from education, business, economic development, local government, etc. representing Ashland, Crawford, Richland, and southern Huron counties.

: Dr. Dorey Diab, President, North Central State College
: 419-755-4811
: 157 Fallerius
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Phi Theta Kappa Honorary Society

An international honor society with membership based on academic achievement. The North Central State chapter is Beta Theta Eta.
  • After completing at least 12 credit hours, a student must have a 3.5 GPA to be invited to join. A student must maintain at least a 3.2 GPA
  • PTK students wear an honors stole at graduation
  • Scholarship dollars available for PTK members who continue their education toward a Bachelor’s degree

Contact: Barb Keener
Phone: 419-755-4539
: 116E Fallerius
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Prior Learning Assessment

NC State can evaluate the knowledge and skills that a person has gained outside of the classroom for college credit. Earning college credit through PLA can help save time and money.
Phone: 419-755-4811
: 157 Fallerius
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Probation (Academic)


A status given to a student whose GPA falls below 2.0.

  • Several semesters on probation can result in suspension or dismissal from the college
  • Probationary students must register for classes in the Student Success & Transition Services Office
  • Student can take no more than twelve credits
  • Student may not be eligible for online or video courses

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Proctor Exam Service

Make-up exam service is offered by Student Success & Transition Services for students who miss a test and are permitted to make it up.
  • Make-up testing services are offered by appointment only and must be completed by 5:00pm. Please call the Student Success & Transition Services Office at 419-755-4764 to make an appointment.
  • Students must show a valid ID at the time of arrival in order to take their makeup exam
  • Forms available for faculty to send tests to the Student Success & Transition Office can be found at [[location]]

Contact: Casey Kelley, Testing Specialist
Location: 419-755-4736
: 138 Kee Hall
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Professional Testing

Assessment and certification testing is located at the Kehoe Center
  • Assessment Tests – Variety of testing for employment purposes
  • Certification Test – Administer and proctor of various exams through Pearson Vue
    * Individuals must schedule and pay for exam online
    * Website:, opens in a new window

Contact: Joyce Karbula, BIT & Workforce Specialist
Location: 419-755-5689
: 132-Kehoe Center
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