Testing and Assessment Services

The Student Success Center administers several tests to new students for course placement purposes. ACCUPLACER may be waived with equivalent ACT scores, cumulative final high school GPA (2.5 or higher) or transfer credit for English and Math. If you are unsure if you need testing, contact the Student Success Center at 419-755-4536 to determine if you need an assessment.

  • All new students are evaluated in three areas:

    Reading – May be waived with an ACT Reading score of 21 and above or transfer credit for ENGL1010 (ENG101) or final high school GPA of 2.5 or higher

    Writing – May be waived with an ACT English score of 18 and above or transfer credit for ENGL1010 (ENG101) or final high school GPA of 2.5 or higher

    Mathematics – May be waived with an ACT Math score of 21 and above or transfer credit for any of the following: MATH1010, MATH1030, MATH1050, or MATH1110 (MTH121, MTH122, MTH130, MTH130) or final high school GPA of 2.5 or higher

    Students who have already completed an Associates’ degree or Bachelor’s degree may not be required to take the ACCUPLACER. Contact the Admissions Office to see if previous credit can be applied towards this assessment.

    Note: The first ACCUPLACER test for each student is FREE, however, effective May 1, 2012, a Non-Refundable fee of $25 applies to any Accuplacer retest (not taken in conjunction the Solutions Program).

    To register for an ACCUPLACER Retest:

    1. Schedule an ACCUPLACER retest, call: 419-755-4536
    2. Take the completed ACCUPLACER Retest Payment Form (PDF), opens in a new window and $25 payment to Cashier’s Office or call the Cashier’s Office to make payment over the phone at 419-755-4722

    Questions? Contact the Student Success Center at 419-755-4536.

  • When should you prepare?

    • Before taking the ACCUPLACER
    • Save time and money by preparing for the ACCUPLACER before testing. This can help avoid taking unnecessary classes as well as save on the need to retest.

    Ways to Prepare for the ACCUPLACER

    Online ACCUPLACER Next Generation Preparation

    Use any of the following sites for practice and review of Reading, Writing, or Math

  • Accuplacer Student Portal

    Effective February 2020, Accuplacer has launched a new Student Portal. This portal allows students to search their Accuplacer score reports and send their scores to a maximum of three colleges/universities.

    Students will need to have their Student ID number that was provided to them from the college/university that administered the test for which the student is searching for. If the student does not have their Student ID number, the student will need to contact the college/university that administered the exam.

    *Student ID numbers are unique and are not the same for each college/university.

    How to Use the Student Portal

    To use the Student Portal to lookup and send ACCUPLACER scores:

    • Step One: Go to the ACCUPLACER Student Portal, opens in a new window
    • Step Two: Enter the following information:
      • Student ID
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
      • Institution Country
      • Institution State
      • Student Institution (Name of the college/university you tested with)
    • If your information was found, ACCUPLACER will send you a link to your email address.
    • Once you receive the link in your email, you will be able to click on the “View Individual Score Report(s)” link. This will direct you to a website to view your scores. On this same screen you can click on the “Share Score Report” link and select the institutions in which you would like to send your score reports to.

  • The ATI TEAS is required for admission to:

    • Associate Degree Nursing
    • Practical Nursing Certificate

    The test is a 4-hour assessment that requires prior registration and fee payment at the Cashier’s Office, room 140 Kee Hall.

    Learn More About ATI TEASTEAS Test Resourses
  • As a service to North Central State students, the college provides proctoring services for making up NC State Exams, free of charge.

    For Faculty

    Please submit your exam request (link below) at least 48 hours in advance and allow multiple dates that the student can take the test to ensure space availability in the testing center. We will do our best to fulfill the requested timeframe. If we are unable to fulfill the timeframe you have provided, a testing center staff member will reach out to you directly.

    You can view NC State Makeup Exam availability by logging into your AdvisorTrac by following the steps below:

    • When logged into AdvisorTrac, switch to Consultant View.
    • Once the page has loaded, under “Appointments” click on the link that states “Search for Availabilities”
    • From here, you can enter in the student’s ID number or name and select the reason as “NC State Makeup Exams.”
    • Once you hit search, a list of available openings will appear to the right. These indicate the dates in which makeup exams are being offered.

    If you have questions, or would like to confirm directly if a date is available, please contact the Testing Center at proctoring@ncstatecollege.edu.

    Below is the link to the electronic form which can be used to request NC State Make-Up Exam Services:

    Online Make-Up Exam Request Form and Exam Upload, opens in a new window

  • As a service to the students of other educational institutions, North Central State College can be utilized as a proctoring site for non-NC State exams or Accuplacer placement assessment for admission to another college. A $25 fee applies to each exam or Accuplacer assessment appointment.* Please contact the Proctoring Department to schedule your appointment at least five (5) business days prior to your exam due date to ensure sufficient time for all examination materials to be delivered, as well as individual proctor availability.

    For questions regarding Non-NC State Proctoring Services, please contact the Testing Center at proctoring@ncstatecollege.edu.

    * Franklin University students are not required to pay for Proctoring Services up front, as their institution is billed for this service at the end of each semester.

  • If you have a documented disability and qualify for accommodations, you will need to contact the Office of Specialized Support Services to make arrangements. Please contact the Coordinator of Specialized Support Services if you have any questions at 419-755-4727 or dheestand@ncstatecollege.edu.

    Learn More About Specialized Support Services