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Step into the Crawford Success Center... And you step into North Central State College

Your Crawford Success Center

  • Serves as an entry point for students who need to complete an associate degree, certificate program, or College Credit Plus!
  • Offers classes, workforce training, professional development and seminars on-site.
  • Provides access to North Central State College’s Student Services such as Financial Aid, Advising, Registration, and more!

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Into College

When you step into the Crawford Success Center, you step into North Central State College. Each term the Crawford Success Center offers classes for students who are interested in completing an associate degree. The course selections are tailored so students can complete their general education classes before moving on to NC State main campus, the Shelby Kehoe Center, or online.

The Crawford Success Center offers state of the art technology. Students can come to the CSC and complete course work in the computer lab or in the collaborative learning area.


  • Course Code: ENGL-0040
    Name: Integrated Reading and Writing
    Course Code: ENGL - 9920
    Name: Combined English 1010 and English 0010
    Course Code: ENGL-1010
    Name: English Composition I
    Course Code: ENGL-1030
    Name: English Composition II
    Course Code: FYEX - 0070
    Name: College and Career Success: Preterm Course (1/2/2019 through 1/10/2019)
    Course Code: MATH-0073
    Name: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra
    Course Code: MATH-9920
    Name: Basic Math & Pre-Algebra W Lab
    Course Code: PNUR-2012
    Name: Advanced Concepts of Practical Nursing I
    Course Code: PNUR-2012C
    Name: Advanced Concepts of Practicing Nursing Clinical
    Course Code: PNUR-2012L
    Name: Advanced Concepts of Practical Nursing Lab
    Course Code: PNUR-2032C
    Name: Advanced Concepts of Practical Nursing Clinical II
    Course Code: PNUR-2032L
    Name: Advanced Concepts of Practical Nursing Lab II
    Course Code: PSYC-1010
    Name: Introduction to Psychology
    Course Code: PSYC - 2010
    Name: Human Growth and Development
    Course Code: STAT-1010
    Name: Probability & Statistics
    Course Code: ENGL-0040
    Name: Integrated Reading and Writing
    Course Code: STAT-9920
    Name: Algebra for Probability & Statistics Lab
    Course Code: SOCY - 1010
    Name: Introduction to Sociology
  • Course Code


    : ENGL 0040
    : Integrated Reading and Writing
    : MATH 0020
    : Basic Mathematics and Pre-Algebra Lab
    : MATH 0073
    : Basic Mathematics and Pre-Algebra
    : MATH 9920
    : Basic Math & Pre-Algebra with Lab 0020
    : FYEX 0070
    : College and Career Success

Steps to Enroll

Most students enrolling only need to complete the following steps:

  • Complete your FREE online application.
  • Supply your transcript(s) from your high school, GED, or another college.
  • Complete the FAFSA and request that a report be sent to North Central State College. This will determine the financial aid package you may be awarded.
  • Send the scores of any ACT test that you have completed. If you haven’t taken the ACT, schedule a free AccuPlacer test at the Crawford Success Center.

You will meet with an advisor to continue the enrollment process via the Crawford Success Center’s Virtual Advising Office. Your advisor will help you schedule the right course plan to fit your needs.

Practical Nursing (LPN) certificate

You can get your practical nursing certificate in as little as one year. Learn more about starting this rewarding career right here at your Crawford Success Center. Applications and information are available now. Call 419-755-9039 to explore this opportunity.

•  NC State LPN graduates consistently score above the national average on licensure exams.
•  Demand for Licensed Practical Nurses continues to grow.

College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus is designed to provide opportunities for students to earn college credit while in high school, free of charge, saving them and their families thousands of dollars in future tuition. That’s very similar to the existing early college programs that allowed students to earn college credit, or dual credit which applied to both college and high school.

Who can participate?

College-Readiness is required for admission into the CCP program and is defined by ACT score requirements or ACCUPLACER Next Generation score requirements.

Questions about CCP?

If you have specific questions or want to participate, we encourage you to contact the counselor at your school.