Level I Courses

The State of Ohio, beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, set forth rules as to which type of courses are eligible to receive College Credit Plus funding.

Below is a list of all North Central State College courses which meet the established criteria. For details on the State’s rules, please click here (PDF), opens in a new window

*PLEASE NOTE: Eligibility to participate in CCP as defined by the state must be met before a student can register for ANY course 

ACCT-1010Financial Accounting
ACCT-1030Managerial Accounting
ACCT-1052Computerized Accounting
ACCT-1070Payroll Accounting
ACCT-1090Certified Bookkeeping Prep
AGRI-1010Agculture Production Proc. & Nutrition
AGRI-1030Soil Crop & Greenhouse Management
AGRI-1050Animal Science Management
AGRI-1210Agculture Management
AGRI-2110Agculture Practicum
AGRI-2111Agculture Seminar
AGRI-2130Capstone Business Plan
ARTS-1010Drawing I
ARTS-1070Digital Photography
BIOL-1230Biology I
BIOL-1231Biology II
BIOL-1550Microbiology for Health Prof
BIOL-1710Intro to Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL-1730Basic Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL-2751Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL-2752Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOS-1010Intro to Bioscience Lab Tech
BIOS-1030Environmental Science
BUSM-1010Intro to Business & Entreprene
BUSM-1110Business Law & Ethics
BUSM-1250Customer Service
BUSM-1260Project Management
BUSM-2030Human Resource Management
BUSM-2050Entrepreneurship & Small Busin
BUSM-2110Promotion and Advertising
BUSM-2210Strategic Business Start-Up
CHEM-1210Chemistry I
CHEM-1220Chemistry II
CHIN-1011Beginning Chinese I
CHIN-1031Beginning Chinese II
CHIN-2010Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN-2030Intermediate Chineses II
CISS-1020Intro to Computers
CISS-1040A+ Certification II
CISS-1210Microsoft Word
CISS-1220Microsoft Excel
CISS-1230Microsoft Access
CISS-1250Microsoft PowerPoint
CISS-1270Microsoft Word Advanced
CISS-1280Microsoft Excel Advanced
CISS-1290Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence
CISS-2015Managing Health Care Info Syst
CISS-2200Microsoft Office II
CISS-2410Systems Analysis
CISS-2902Certification Prep Network+
COMM-2010Group Communication
COMM-2030Interpersonal Communication
CRMJ-1010Intro to Criminal Justice & US Judicial Systems
CRMJ-1070Family Violence
CRMJ-1110Criminal Investigation I
CRMJ-1130Intro to Corrections
CRMJ-2090Defensive Tactics
CRMJ-2170Terrorism & Homeland Security
CRMJ-2174Current Issues in the CJAD Profession
CRMJ-2210Intro to Police Operations & Report Writing
CRMJ-2230Police Skills I
CRMJ-2240Police Skills II
CRMJ-2250Peace Office Academy Firearms
CSCI-1010Programming I
CSCI-1030Programming II
CSCI-2010Computer Arch & Organization
CSCI-2030Data Structures & Algorithms
CSCI-2050Information Management
CSCI-2900Computer Science Capstone
ECON-1010Intro to Economics
EDUT-1070Intro to Child Development
EDUT-1370Educational Technology
ELET-1510DC Electricity
ELET-1520AC Electricity
ELET-1530Digital Principles
ELET-1710Intro to Robotics
ELET-2240Programmable Logic Controllers
EMMT-1010Industrial Electricity
EMMT-1020Mechanical Systems
EMMT-1030OSHA Safety Regulations
EMMT-1050Fund of Fluid Power Systems
EMMT-1100Power Distribution
EMMT-1540Liberal Artsdder Diagrams
EMMT-2100Advanced Fluid Power Systems
EMMT-2120DC/AC Drives
EMMT-2150Motor Controls
EMMT-2300The National Electric Code
ENGL-1010English Composition I
ENGL-1030English Composition II
ENGL-2050American Literature I
ENGL-2070American Literature II
ENGL-2090Intro to Fiction
ENGL-2180British Literature I
ENGL-2190British Literature II
ENGR-1010Intro to Engineering
ENGR-1200Fundamentals of Alternative Engergy
ENGR-2850Engineering Econ & Organization
ENRD-2150Computer Aided Design I
ENRD-2260Solid Modeling
ENRD-2670Intro 3D Architectural Design
GEOL-1010Physical Geology
GEOL-1030Historical Geology
HIST-1010American History I
HIST-1030American History II
HIST-1050Western Civilization I
HIST-1070Western Civilization II
HLTH-1010Legal Ethical Aspects of Hlth
HLTH-1150Medical Terminology
HMSV-1020Intro to Social Work Services
HMSV-2050Social Problems
HUMA-1010Intro to the Humanities
ITEC-1410Cisco CCNA - Security
ITEC-1420Intro to Information Security
ITEC-1430Certified Ethical Hacker CEH
ITEC-1610IT Essentials
ITEC-1620Wireshark 101
ITEC-1635Cisco CCENT
ITEC-1640Intro to Networks (CCENT I)
ITEC-1645Rout/Switch Essent CCENT II
ITEC-1650Linux Fundamentals (Linux+)
ITEC-1660Cisco CCNA - Routing and Switching
ITEC-1680Scaling Networks (CCNA R&S I)
ITEC-1685Connect Networks (CCNA R&S II)
ITEC-1690Network Security (Security+)
ITEC-1810Microsoft Office for IT Prof
ITEC-1830Mobile Application Development
ITEC-1840Ethics in Information Age
ITEC-1850Database Design & Management
ITEC-1860Intro to Programming
ITEC-1870SQL with SQL Server
ITEC-1890JavaScript Programming
ITEC-2410Intrusion Det & Prevent Syst
ITEC-2420Advanced Network Security
ITEC-2430Open Source Sec Tools (OSST)
ITEC-2450Comp Hacking Forensic Investig
ITEC-2460Cloud Computing
ITEC-2500Capstone Cyber Security Prof
ITEC-2610Implementing Window Server
ITEC-2650Data Center Virtualization
ITEC-2660Cisco CCNA - Wireless
ITEC-2670Admin Window Server
ITEC-2700Capstone for Networking Prof
ITEC-2701Certification Prep for A+
ITEC-2702Certification Prep: Security+
ITEC-2703Certification Prep for Linux+
ITEC-2704Certification Prep for CCENT
ITEC-2705Certification Prep for CCNA
ITEC-2706Cert Prep for VMWARE
ITEC-2707Cert Prep Win Server Exam I
ITEC-2708Cert Prep Win Server Exam II
ITEC-2709Cert Prep for CCNA Wireless
ITEC-2710Cert Prep for CCNA Security
ITEC-2711Cert Prep Cert Ethical Hacker
ITEC-2712Cert Prep Comp Hacking Forens
ITEC-2713Certification Prep for Cloud+
ITEC-2750Certification Prep for CCNA
ITEC-2810Visual Basic.NET Programming
ITEC-2830Open Source Web Apps
ITEC-2850ASP.NET Web Applications
ITEC-2870Java Programming
ITEC-2900Capstone for Software Dev
ITEC-2901Cert Prep for CIW JavaScirpt
ITEC-2902Cert Prep for CIW Perl
ITEC-2903Cert Prep Ciw Database Design
ITEC-2904Cert Prep Microsoft Exm 70-486
ITEC-2905Cert Prep Microsoft Exm 70-480
ITEC-2906Cert Prep Microsoft Exm 70-487
ITEC-2980Cooperative Work Experience
ITEC-2999Special Topics in It
MATH-1030Variable Relationships: Algebra & Graphing
MATH-1070Applied Geom. & Trig.
MATH-1110College Algebra
MATH-1150Calculus I
MATH-1151Calculus II
MATH-2010Calculus III
MATH-2030Differential Equations
MECT-1150Fundamental Engineering Design
MECT-1750Hydraulics and Pneumatics
MECT-2230Engineering Materials
MECT-2440Strength of Materials
MFGT-1010Industrial Blueprint Reading
MFGT-1110Manufacturing Processes
MFGT-1120Advanced Machining
MFGT-1300Welding & Welding Equipment
MFGT-1550CNC Setup and Operations
MFGT-1640Comp Aided Manufacturing I
MFGT-2010Jig and Fixture Design
MFGT-2100Quality Control & Spc
MFGT-2220Manufacturing and Prototypes
MFGT-2250Stamping Opns & Die Design
MFGT-2640Computer Aid Manufacturing II
MUSC-1010Music Appreciation
PHIL-1010Western Philosophy
PHYS-1010Introductory Physics
PHYS-1110General Physics I
PHYS-1130General Physics II
POLT-1010American National Government
PSYC-1010Intro to Psychology
PSYC-1070Intro to Women's Studies
PSYC-2010Human Growth & Development
PSYC-2030Child Psychology
PSYC-2050Abnormal Psychology
PSYC-2090Social Psychology
PSYC-2100Personality Theory
SOCY-1010Intro to Sociology
SOCY-2010Cultural Diversity and Racism
SOCY-2030Marriage and Family
SOCY-2050Social Problems
SPAN-1010Beginning Spanish
SPAN-1020Intermediate Spanish
STAT-1010Probability and Statistics
THEA-1010Intro to Theatre
VCMT-1050Imaging I
VCMT-1085Visual Communications I
VCMT-1190Video Production I
VCMT-1280Visual Comm II & Typography
VCMT-1550Imaging II
VCMT-2060Principles of Printing Tech
VCMT-2070Web Design I
VCMT-2550Imaging III

Course Eligibility

Courses which meet the state’s Level 1 eligibility requirements may possess additional registration requirements (admission into a Health Sciences program, student must be 18 years of age or older, etc.)

Please speak with your CCP Advisor to confirm your eligibility to register.