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Your career in public service

North Central State College public service programs give you the opportunity to align your education with your passion for helping others throughout your community. We prepare you for a wide range of careers in human services or as a first responder with safety services. You learn up-to-date skills and complete industry-recognized credentials you can build upon in the future.

Our graduates go on to become professionals as police officers, corrections officers, social workers and emergency responders.

A mature Hispanic woman in her 40s, a paramedic, standing at the rear of an ambulance, by the open doors. She is looking at the camera with a confident expression, smiling, carrying a medical trauma bag on her shoulder.
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Degrees of success!

An associate degree is a great way to jumpstart your professional career. An associate degree is typically a two-year program. You will learn integral information for your chosen career, without having to spend four years to get there.

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Accelerate your success!

If you need to learn skills quickly that can lead to a great (or better) career, certificates may be the right choice for you. Many certificates can be completed in just a few weeks. Certificates focus on the skills employers need from employees. Often, they do not require general courses but offer training related directly to your specific area of interest.

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