Tower Technician

Tower technicians install, maintain, and repair towers and related systems such as antennas, microwave dishes, and lighting systems. They also perform routine inspections and tests while practicing safety at all levels. Ground tasks are performed either on the ground or below a specified height. Tower tasks are performed on the tower and require climbing skills. The program is intended to provide the student with the necessary knowledge and hands-on skills required for an entry level telecommunication position.

The Tower Technician program will provide training for workers that are needed to build, and maintain the next generation networks and related infrastructure which are vital to America’s future.

The telecommunication industry is experiencing a substantial workforce shortage in a number of diverse markets including;

  • broadcast (TV and radio)
  • cellular
  • utilities
  • emergency services
  • broadband
  • driverless cars
  • agriculture, and more.

The public’s insatiable appetite for “everything wireless” continues to drive the workforce needs.

Areas of study include: safety, basic rigging and fall protection, CPR/First Aid, OSHA 10-Hour, RF awareness, capstan hoist, defensive driving, cell components, antenna basics, and NWSA certification preparation