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FAST TRACK – Corrections and Law Enforcement

$44,000 - $61,000*

These estimated earnings are for employees who have completed their Peace Officer Fastrack associate degree. Career advancement is available if you transfer your credits toward a bachelor’s degree. As experience and education increase, you can expect to earn significantly more during your career.

For more information on regional jobs and pay, go to NC State’s Career Coach, opens in a new window page.

*Earnings figure is based on EMSI employment information for north central Ohio.

$x,xxx - $x,xxx = $x,xxx in net cost*

The calculation above includes the following:

  • The estimated current cost of tuition, fees and books to complete this two-year associate degree at NC State is $x,xxx.
  • Minus the average amount of financial aid ($6,000 x x years) students received. NOTE: Your financial aid could be higher or lower than this average.
  • Leaving just $x,xxx to be funded by other sources — which may include additional scholarships, grants and loans. Many students opt for payment plans to avoid debt. Employed students should inquire with their employers about the possibility of reimbursement for educational expenses.

Three out of four NC State graduates have $0 college debt. We will work with you to explore every source of financial aid available.

*These figures were calculated using data available when this information was published.


Estimated cost of two years of instruction and attendance at a four-year public institution in Ohio.


Estimated cost of two years of instruction and attendance at a four-year private institution in Ohio.

*This estimate is an average of the cost including room and board for residential students.

Complete This Degree Entirely Online!

The Criminal Justice Department offers a Fastrack Program for police and correction officers. This online coursework* allows you to set your schedule around both your work and personal life.

Individuals that have a Certificate of Completion from any basic Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy can complete an Associate Degree at North Central State College as an online student in less than two years.  There are only 11 online classes for peace officers enrolled in the Fastrack program.  After completion of the 11 courses, you graduate with your Associate Degree.

In addition, the Criminal Justice Department offers a Fastrack program for individuals who have a Certificate from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Training Academy.  A correction officer can complete the Associate Degree at North Central State College by completing only 13 online classes in the Fastrack program.

To be admitted into the Fastrack Program, students must provide proof of their completion of a basic Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy or Ohio Rehabilitation and Correction Training Academy at the time of application to the college. Proof of completion must be submitted to the Assistant Dean of Education, Professional & Public Service in Fallerius, Room 150. Permission must be granted by the Criminal Justice Department to enroll in this program.

Your Associate Degree can be the first step towards furthering your criminal justice career. Invest in yourself, and your future; enroll today in Fastrack at North Central State College.

* Students are permitted to enroll in seated sections if they so desire.

Criminal Justice Majors of North Central State College are educated as a whole person in habits of critical thinking, leadership, lifelong learning and are also provided the opportunity to acquire the practical skills needed for competent performance in the changing workplace as well as the opportunity of preparation for advanced education.

NOTE: Individuals with a felony and/or domestic violence conviction may experience difficulty gaining employment in the criminal justice field. Students with misdemeanor convictions should seek advice from an advisor in the Criminal Justice program.