Testing Services

North Central State Online administers the Accuplacer to determine college readiness. The assessment may be waived with equivalent high school GPA, ACT, SAT, or transfer credits. If you are unsure if you need testing, please contact your Academic Advisor at 419-755-4536 or studentsuccess@ncstatecollege.edu. Please be aware that in order to begin a fully online degree or certificate, you will need to meet certain test scores. Preparation for the Accuplacer is crucial.

Placement Testing Options

All new students are evaluated in three areas: Reading, Writing and Math. This assessment must be completed before the student enrolls in any college classes. One placement test is offered free of charge, each additional retest is $25.00. Please call the Student Success Center at 419-755-4536 for any questions and to schedule your test. Below are your testing options:

Option One: Take Your Placement Test at our Main Campus

Students are welcome to come directly to our main campus to take their placement test. (Limitations are in place due to COVID19).

Option Two: Take Your Placement Test at an Approved College Near You

To find out if a testing center near you offers this, please contact Testing Services so we can find the most convenient option for you.  *Depending on the college, a proctoring fee may apply.

Option Three: Take Your Placement Test Online

Students have the option to take their placement test online utilizing Zoom video-conferencing. This option requires the student to schedule a time with the testing center to take the test, have access to a microphone, speakers, webcam, meet minimum technical requirements and have a quiet space to test.

Placement Test Study Resources

Save time and money by preparing ahead of time for the Accuplacer placement exam. This will give you a much better chance to score college-ready and save on the cost to retest. The following resources provide an in-depth review of information to help you prepare for your exam. These include videos, worksheets, sample questions, and apps.

You will be tested in: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and either Statistics or College Algebra depending on the degree you pursue. Make sure to ONLY prepare for the advanced math test you need. If you are not sure, your Success Champion will let you know.

Overview: Where Do I Start?

The following link will take you to an overview of the test and has sample questions: Accuplacer Overview

Use the free study app with practice tests to see what you need to brush up on before the test: Accuplacer Web-Based Study App  Create a free account and make sure to Change the Test Version to “Next Generation Practice Tests”

Use additional free resources below once you have determined the areas you need to work on:

Study Guide/Practice Tests:   Ohio Means Jobs  *Find the Accuplacer option, click “Get Started” → On the next screen’s drop down towards the top choose Next Generation Accuplacer → Review Reading/Writing material

Videos:   Mometrix Study Guide Videos  *Be sure to study the Next Generation practice material for Reading/Writing

Printable Material: Reading Preparation (PDF)

Video Lessons/Practice Tests: (Recommended)

  Khan Academy – *download the following study guide for the various math topics you will need to know to do well on the test. Then, search each topic on the khan academy website

  Study.com*you can sign up for a free 30 day trial that covers video lessons, practice tests, and 24-7 support specifically to help you prepare for the Accuplacer.

Study Guide/Practice Tests:

  Ohio Means Jobs*find the Accuplacer option, click “Get Started” → On the next screen’s drop down towards the top choose Next Generation Accuplacer → Review math material

  Math.com – *explore the homework and practice sections

Videos:   Mometrix Study Guide Videos  *Be sure to study the Next Generation practice material for Math

Printable Material Pre-algebra overview (PDF)


If you have a documented disability and qualify for accommodations, you will need to contact the Office of Specialized Support Services to make arrangements. Please contact the Coordinator of Specialized Support Services if you have any questions at 419-755-4727 or dheestand@ncstatecollege.edu.


No one passes or fails Accuplacer tests, but there are certain scores you must have in order to start our fully online program. Here are the scoring guidelines:

  • Accuplacer Next Gen Reading: 250+
  • Accuplacer Next Gen WritePlacer: 5+
  • Accuplacer Next Gen Advanced Algebra: 250+ (if major requires Algebra)
  • Accuplacer Next Gen Quantitative Reasoning: 263+ (if major requires Statistics)

For the Computer Literacy assessment, students must earn an 85% or higher in the Computer Skills section and 24wpm or higher in the Keyboarding section.

Students’ are given the option to retest up to one additional time. The retest fee is $25 for the Accuplacer Placement exam and $15 for the Computer Literacy assessment. Retest fees need to be paid to the Cashier’s Office in advanced of testing.

The Reading and Math sections of the Accuplacer are untimed. The WritePlacer portion is timed for one hour, there is one essay. If you require extended test time, please contact our office of Specialized Support Services at 419-755-4727 or dheestand@ncstatecollege.edu

If you plan to take the Accuplacer through Examity, you will need to contact them directly for assistance if additional time is needed: support@examity.com

The Computer Literacy assessment is timed for 45 minutes.

If you are planning to take your placement test or Computer Literacy test on-campus, please call the Student Success Center at 419-755-4536 to schedule an appointments.

If you are planning to take your placement test at another college or through Examity and/or you are planning to take your Computer Literacy assessment online, please contact Testing Services to get started.

Yes. Please refer to the Placement Test Study Resources section of this page.

No. However, Accuplacer has a built in calculator for you to use any time the calculator icon appears on each question. Accuplacer only provides the calculator on questions that it feels necessary. NO calculators of any kind are permitted on the test (physical calculators, electronic devices, or the computer built in calculator)

Retest fees for either the Accuplacer placement exam or the Computer Literacy exam can be made over the phone to our Cashier’s Office by credit/debit card. The number for the Cashier’s Office is 419-755-4722.

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