TAG Courses

Transfer Assurance Guide Courses will transfer to any public college or university in Ohio. The Ohio Articulation Number Code is used to find a similar course at another college. These courses will transfer without the need for a separate transfer agreement with a university or college.

ACCT1010OBU010- Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACCT1030OBU002 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting
ARTS1010OAH001 - Basic Drawing
ARTS1070OAH002 - Photography, Digital
BIOL1101OHL016 - Basic Nutrition
BIOL1230OSC003 - Biology I
BIOL1231OSC004 - Biology II
BUSM1050OBU012 - Management and Organizational Behavior
BUSM1110OBU004 - Legal and Social Environment of Business
BUSM1150OBU006 - Principles of Marketing Management
BUSM1170OBU005 - Business Communication
BUSM2110OCM012 - Principles of Advertising
CISS1020OBU003 - Computer Applications
COMM1010OCM004 - Basic Public Speaking/Oral Communication
COMM2010OCM003 - Small Group Communication
COMM2030OCM002 - Interpersonal Communication
COMM2050OCM001 Introduction to Communication Theory
CRMJ1010OSS031 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRMJ1130OSS033 - Corrections
CRMJ2010OSS034 - Criminology
CRMJ2210OSS032 - Policing
ECON1510OSS004 - Microeconomics
ECON2510OSS005 - Macroeconomics
ELET1510OET001 - DC Circuits
ELET1520OET003 - AC Circuits
ELET1530OET002 - Digital
ELET2240OET022 - Programable Logic Controllers
ELET2450OET005 - Electronics
ENGL2050OAH053 - American Literature I
ENGL2070OAH054 - American Literature II
ENGL2180OAH055 - British Literature I
ENGL2190OAH056 - British Literature II
ENGR1010OES001 - Introduction to Engineering
ENGR2850OES005 - Engineering Economics
ENRD2150OET012 - Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technology
GEOL1010OSC025 - Physical Geology with Lab
HIST1010OHS010 - U.S. American History Sequence
OHS043 - U.S. American History I
HIST1030OHS010 - U.S. American History Sequence
OHS044 - U.S. American History II
HIST1050OHS041 - Western/World Civilization I
HLTH1010OHL021 - Legal Aspects
HLTH1150OHL020 - Medical Terminology
HMSV2050OSS025 - Social Problem
HMSV2110OSS030 - Introduction to Social Welfare
MATH2010OMT018 - Calculus III
MATH2030OMT020 - Elementary Differential Equations
MECT1750OET009 - Fluid Mechanics
MECT2230OET013 - Engineering Materials
MECT2330OET007 - Statics
MECT2440OET008 - Strength of Materials
MFGT1110OET010 - Manufacturing Processes
PHIL1010OAH045 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL1110OAH046 - Introduction to Ethics
PHYS1110OSC014 - General Physics I (Algebra-Based Sequence)
OSC021 - General Physics Sequence (Combination of OSC014 & OSC015)
PHYS1130OSC015 - General Physics II (Algebra-Based Sequence)
OCS021 - General Physics Sequence (Combination of OSC014 & OSC015)
POLT1010American Politics/Government
PSYC1010OSS015 - Intro / Fundamentals of Psychology
PSYC2010OSS048 - Life Span
PSYC2030OSS045 - Child Development
PSYC2050OSS017 - Abnormal Psychology
PSYC2090OSS016 - Social Psychology
PSYC2100OSS018 - Psychology of Personality
SOCY1010OSS021 - Intro / Fundamentals of Sociology
SOCY2010OSS024 - Race and Ethnicity
SOCY2030OSS023 - Marriage and Family
SOCY2050OSS025 - Social Problems
VCMT1190OCM008 - Introduction to Single Camera Video Production