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Pay to Print


A student print fee will be implemented to recover the escalating costs of printing and is consistent with the other public computing facilities within our state.

Printing Fees

Black & White $.05 per side (a two sided print black & white will cost $.10). Color $.25 per side (a two sided color print will cost $.50).

Semester Pre-Load

Each semester, registered students will receive $5.00 automatically loaded on their student ID card for printing. This equates to 100 black and white one-sided copies. You will need to add additional money to your Student ID card once the $5.00 is used.

Student ID Cards

You must have the current Student ID card (see above picture). Student ID cards are provided free to all NC State students and must be accompanied by a current validation sticker. The photo ID cards are produced at NC State College’s Cashier’s office in Kee Hall, any time during normal working hours.

Printing Instructions

Printed instructions on how to print can be found above each printer. You can also download printing instructions (PDF), opens in a new window.

How to Check Your Card Balance PDF (PDF), opens in a new window

How to Load Money / Change Pin on Your Card

There are two ways to add more money to your card.

Online through Paper Cut

Paper Cut Instructions PDF, opens in a new window


NC State Cashier’s Office (Cash only)

Room 140 Kee Hall


Cashier’s Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am – 5pm

Mobility Printing

With Mobility Printing you will can print from your wireless device whether it is a phone, laptop, or tablet.  First, connect to NC State’s wireless network using NCSC Secure with your wireless device. (Use the same username and password that you use to log into MyNC.)  Then click on the Mobility Printing link below and down load the driver or app to your device.  Video instructions are on the webpage.

If you are taking classes on the Main Campus (or Crawford Success Center) and on the Kehoe Campus, you will need to follow the setup instructions at each location.

Setup Mobility Printing by clicking here!


Printer Tutorial I

Printer Tutorial II

Printer Tutorial III