Identification Cards

What's Your ID Worth?

More than just identification — your NC State Student ID provides you a variety of student discounts, both on and off campus!

ID Card Discounts List (PDF), opens in a new window

Student ID cards are provided free to all NC State students and must be accompanied by a current validation sticker. These photo ID cards are produced at NC State College’s Cashier’s Office in Byron Kee Center for Student Success, during normal on-campus working hours.

Your New NC State ID

  • Must be presented at a variety of locations throughout the campus in order to access services, and for campus security. The Campus Recreation Center, various health science labs, the various computer labs, the campus library, and the campus bookstore are a few of the more prominent locations where you will be required to present a valid student ID.
  • Is required to print documents in campus computer labs using Pay to Print.