Scholarships Pave Way For Passion

Starting classes early and applying for multiple scholarships helped pave the way for Brianna Felder to find her passion for science.  While taking College Credit Plus (CCP) classes at North Central State College, Brianna chose the Sci-Med program.

The Sci-Med program provides students with the opportunity to complete as many science-focused courses as possible in two years.  Brianna chose the health track, which allows students to focus on courses that will prepare them for a career in health care.

After graduating with her associate of science degree, she realized she wanted to continue her education and enrolled in the NC State nursing program.

“When I chose the Sci-Med program, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to be in the medical field,” Felder explains.  “Halfway through my senior year as a CCP student, I realized I wanted to be a nurse.  Staying at North Central for the registered nursing program was my best option.  It is affordable and I know the professors.  Ultimately, I am comfortable right here on the North Central campus.”

“All of the courses I have taken so far are very good.  In many of my science classes, we have lectures online but our labs are in person, and that helps,” she says.

Felder also found financial help for tuition through multiple scholarships at North Central.  She was awarded the Tuition Freedom Scholarship, which she was eligible for as a CCP student, as well as the Smith Family Foundation scholarship and the Choose Ohio First scholarship.  “The scholarships have helped a lot.  I don’t have to worry about money because my first semester has been completely paid for,” she says.  “It has helped take a lot of the stress away and I can focus more on my classes.”

Choose Ohio First is part of a State of Ohio strategic effort to bolster Ohio’s economic strength by ensuring a ready workforce for STEM+M-related (science, technology, engineering, math and medicine) industries. North Central State College has been awarding Choose Ohio First Scholarships to students since 2010.

Felder credits North Central State College faculty for helping her feel at ease on the campus and preparing for the future.  “It has challenged me, taking classes at North Central, but I am a better student because of it,” she explains.  “The faculty has taught me how to study properly while also helping me become confident in asking for help when I need it, which has become very beneficial for me as a student.”

Felder hopes to graduate with an associate degree in registered nursing in 2024.