Substance Abuse Studies Certificate

This certificate program provides an entry-level credential for those wanting to work with individuals, families, and communities impacted by substance abuse disorders. Students may complete the certificate as a stand-alone part-time program in three semesters, or they may complete it while earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Human and Social Work Services. The certificate is ideal for new students, as well as returning students already working in the community and needing to add this specialized knowledge as a means to provide addiction support.

This Substance Abuse Studies certificate will allow students to apply for certification through the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board:

  • Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant Preliminary certification (Phase I)
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant Renewable certification (Phase II)

Obtaining the CDCA Certification prepares students to work in addictions counseling, providing individual and group treatment interventions under the supervision of a licensed professional. However, this training will also prepare students to provide addiction services related to other jobs in community health and social services.

Learning in this program will include theories and models of addiction and treatment, drug classifications, the effects of drugs, DSM-5 criteria, counseling procedures and strategies, substance abuse group work, assessment, treatment planning and ethics. Students will also complete courses in interviewing and group leadership skills. Students will also complete a minimum of 75 hours of directed practice at an approved agency as part of their learning process.

After completing this certificate, students may continue their education to obtain a chemical dependency licensure. With a completed degree and 2000 more work hours in the field of substance use disorders, students may apply for LCDC II licensure. Full information on the credentialing requirements are available on the Ohio Chemical Dependence Professionals Board website at

Course Title
Course: PHRM 2100
Course Title: Pharmacy Tech Training Part A
: No
: No
Credits: 8
Course: PHRM 2200
Course Title: Pharmacy Tech Training Part B
: No
: No
Credits: 7