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Transfer Opportunities

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North Central State College welcomes transfer students — including

  • Students wishing to transfer out credits from their associate degree, continuing toward bachelor and master degrees at other colleges/universities
  • Students wishing to transfer in credits from other institutions to earn a degree from NCSC
  • Transient students wishing to take one or more NCSC courses for personal or career advancement, or for transfer back to another institution

For all transfer students—North Central State College offers a high-quality education in person or online, in small classes where you can easily connect with faculty and other students, and with intensive support services and extremely affordable tuition.

Ohio Transfer 36

Ohio’s General Assembly, the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR)[5], and public higher education and adult and secondary career-technical institutions support multiple educational pathways to meet the full spectrum of student learning needs and aspirations. They further affirm that improved transfer student mobility will increase student satisfaction, degree completion, and the efficient use of tax dollars. To advance these goals, sound public policy to improve student mobility must include provisions to maximize the acceptance and application of credit for college-level prior learning and equitably treat students who transfer and articulate that learning for credit. Inter-institutional cooperation within this diverse system of higher learning is essential to facilitate the necessary acceptance and application of students’ prior learning.

Transferring from North Central State College

Starting your bachelor degree at North Central State College makes sense and is easy. Finish your first two years while still living at home and keeping your part-time job, and then transfer your credits to the bachelor degree  program and university of your choice. We will be there every step of the way to answer questions and help you transfer seamlessly.

The steps to transfer are simple:

  1. Tell us your transfer goals when you start at NC State—your career interests and the bachelor’s program and the university or type of university where you want to continue your studies.
  2. Meet with your advisor each semester to refine and focus your interests and to plan a program at NC State that will transfer intact to the university you choose.
  3. Attend visits and consultations with the university representatives that your NC State advisor arranges.
  4. Start your third year in the university bachelor’s program with your program well defined and connections made.

Transfer Advising

You will be assigned a team of three advisors at NC State who will guide you at each stage in your path to graduation and transfer.

  • When you first enter the college, you will meet with your Success Coach to discuss your goals, answer questions, and develop an academic plan.
  • After your first semester, you will be assigned to an Academic Liaison who will help you to further develop your academic plan and begin planning courses and steps for a successful transfer to a bachelor’s degree program.
  • You will then be assigned to a Faculty Advisor who will check on your academic progress each semester and answer questions about your future career.
  • Together the Academic Liaison and Faculty Advisor will assist you in contacting and visiting your transfer university candidates and getting information about financial aid, entrance requirements, and campus climate.

CCP students receive transfer advising from CCP Coach Scott George, and College NOW students receive transfer advising from College NOW Director Darcy Carns.