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Transfer Center

For all transfer students

North Central State College offers high-quality education with hands-on and project-based learning, in small classes where you can easily connect with faculty and other students, and with intensive support services and extremely affordable tuition.

Transfer Program Information

North Central State College welcomes transfer students–including

  • students wishing to transfer out their Associate Degree credits to continue their education toward Bachelor and Master Degrees at other colleges/universities
  • students wishing to transfer in credits from other institutions to earn an NCSC associate degree
  • transient students wishing to take an NCSC course or two for personal or career advancement or for transfer back to another institution

Transient Students

Students who wish to take one or several courses at North Central State College will find it to be an easy and worthwhile experience. Most NC State courses are offered both online and fin person making scheduling easy for busy students. In the summer, NC State is an ideal place to take care of general education credits while at home on break from your college or university.