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Aviso Engage

  • Aviso Engage is a tool that helps you to be successful in college by providing an easy place to access college resources, alerting you to your grades and tasks that need to be completed. Aviso Engage also allows you to easily contact your advisors and instructors.

  • Notifications from Aviso Engage as well as communication from your advisor and instructors will come through your NC State email account.

  • Access Aviso Engage through your MyNC account or by clicking here. Use your North Central State College Office 365 email and password (Forget? Click here).

  • If you experience log in issues, you can send an email to Please include your name (first and last) and Student ID #.

  • When you log in, you will see this screen that shows your advisor and another member of your personal success team. You will also see messages, resources, and tasks that have been shared with you.

    Profile: You can see your contact information on file, your advisor, your current overall GPA and your program of study.

    Courses: You can see each of your courses along with the ability to easily click a link to email your instructors.

    Transcript: You can see an unofficial transcript.

    Test Scores: You can see test scores.

    Programs: You can see your current program of study and any other previous selected programs.

  • You may also receive achievement notifications when you have strong midterm grades and a successful semester. If you receive one of these, keep up the good work and stay motivated!

  • If you get an alert or an email about your course performance, know that you are getting this information early. It is hard to admit that things aren’t going well, but now is the time to act, so your semester is successful. The faculty and staff at North Central State College care about your success and are there to support you.

    Actions you should take:

    Talk to your instructor about the problem as soon as possible to get recommendations about how to improve in the course.

    Seek help from the many support services available to all students. These services include:

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