ATI TEAS Entrance Test

The ATI TEAS is used to help place students in clinicals for various health degrees. This test is required for application to select health science programs.

The ATI TEAS is Required for Application into the Program for:

Note: The ATI TEAS is no longer required for the Radiological Sciences or Respiratory Care programs

ATI TEAS Test Dates and Times

The ATI TEAS is a 4-hour computerized assessment, and will be administered at NC State on the following dates:

Calendar of Events

Registering for the ATI TEAS Test

Create an Account with ATI Testing

Visit ATI Testing, opens in a new window and click on “Create an Account” (unless you already have an account with ATI). This mandatory creation of a username and password will allow you to take your test online and retrieve your results when you are finished testing. Don’t forget to include your NC State Student ID # (or SSN#) when completing your ATI account, for identification purposes. No more waiting weeks for your results to arrive! Note: DO NOT attempt to “Register” for a test date through the ATI website. This must be done through the Cashier’s office (see next step).

Register by paying the Cashier's Office - All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

Registration forms are available in the Student Success Center, Testing Center or Cashier’s Office. Payment is required at the time of registration. Cash, check, money order, or credit cards are accepted.

Costs are as follows:

  • Non-Refundable fee of $75.00
  • Registrations will NOT be accepted on the day of the exam.

Verify Registration

Soon after (usually within 1-2 days) you pay your fee to the Cashier’s office, you will receive an e-mail confirmation regarding your test date. Your NC State Student E-mail account, opens in a new window will be used to communicate with you. Or login to MyNC, click on “My Class Schedule”, choose “Non Credit XXXX (XXXX = school year, example Non Credit 1617 for 2016-2017), and click Submit. The date(s) and times of any ATI TEAS tests will be listed on your schedule.


  • Students who wish to prepare for this examination may borrow a copy of the ATI TEAS Study Manual from the Bromfield Library or work with a tutor in the Tutoring Center in Fallerius, room 119, free of charge. Students can purchase their own copy of the ATI TEAS Study Manual at the Campus Bookstore. Online Practice Assessments are also available for purchase by visiting ATI Testing, opens in a new window.

    Visit the Ohio Means Jobs Learning Express Library for access to practices tests on the following subjects: biology, chemistry, general science, math, reading comprehension, and other topics. These will be listed under ALLIED HEALTH or NURSING.

  • Before you drive to campus to pay to take the ATI TEAS, you may want to call ahead to be sure seats are still available. Please call the Assessment office at 419-755-4736 for seat availability information.

  • On the day of the test, arrive 15 minutes prior to test time and one form of identification with you. Suggested forms of identification are a driver’s license, social security card, high school or college I.D. Scrap paper will be provided and NO CALCULATORS are permitted (calculators will be available online via the test beginning August 31, 2016). The test will be taken on a computer. Each section is timed, however, each student will work at their own pace.

  • Through ATI’s website — Test results will be available by logging into your ATI Testing account, opens in a new window approximately 1 hour after your testing session has closed.

    Through MyNC — Within 4 hours of your test, you may also check your scores online by logging into MyNC. Once you have logged in, click on Assessment Summary. Your “Adjusted Total Individual Score” will be indicated as “TEAS ATIS”.

  • If you cannot attend on the date indicated, and you must notify the Student Success Center by calling 419-755-4736 or 419-755-4536 at least 7 days in advance of your scheduled test time in order to reschedule; otherwise, another non-refundable fee will apply. Students will be permitted to reschedule one time ONLY. Students who fail to give 7 days notice will be required to pay another registration fee to schedule a new test date. Students will only be allowed to reschedule ONE TIME.

    Please provide the following when calling to reschedule (Remember to call at least 7 days before your scheduled test):

    • Your name
    • Student ID #
    • Phone number
    • Your original test date
    • The new test date you would like to reserve

  • All appointment no-shows will be required to re-register through NC State by paying another registration fee.

  • Questions about your test results can be directed to the Assessment & Testing Specialist, at 419-755-4736 or the Student Success Center at 419-755-4536.

  • For more information on your application pool placement or to complete your special application to become a part of the application pool, please contact Amy Burns at 419-755-4805 in the Health Sciences Office.

  • Yes, ATI TEAS test scores will be accepted from other colleges as long as all four subject areas were tested—reading, mathematics, science, and English—and your test results include an “Adjusted Total Individual Score”.

Testing fees and seat availability are subject to change without notice.