NC State is now in Ashland

This image shows a mock up of the NC State sign outside ACCA in Ashland

Classes available in Ashland for Spring 2024

A-term (Jan. 16 to March 8, 2024): English Comp I (ENGL 1010)
B-term (March 18 to May 10, 2024): American History II (HIST 1030)
A-term (Jan. 16 to March 8, 2024): English Comp II (ENGL 1030)

One of the hardest things about attending college is getting started. At North Central State College, we’re here to help. And by here — we mean right here in Ashland. Closer to home. Closer to your busy life. Closer to the support of friends and family. These classes meet at the Ashland County Community Academy.

NC State is proud to partner with the Ashland County Community Academy, located at 716 Union St. in Ashland. It’s a great partnership to provide a convenient location to begin the pursuit of your college education.

Explore amazing opportunities as you begin your studies close to home