Scholarship Offers Tuition Freedom

There are many advantages of starting your college journey early, including free tuition at North Central State College.  Karson Kimmel is just one of many students awarded the Tuition Freedom Scholarship.  He began by enrolling in our College Credit Plus (CCP) program, which allows college-ready high school students in grades 7-12 to take courses at no cost.

Kimmel got a jump start on his education leading him to an associate degree.  “I had a great experience taking CCP classes at North Central,” he explains.  “I was able to take my classes online while continuing my high school schedule.”

Kimmel stayed on top of his course schedule by planning out his day-to-day assignments for both his college and high school courses.  “If you are thinking about taking CCP classes at North Central State, I would say to go for it.  There is plenty of help at North Central.  Tutors and professors will be there for you as long as you are willing to ask for help.”

While taking CCP classes, Kimmel qualified for our Tuition Freedom Scholarship.  North Central will provide up to an associate degree, tuition-free, to every qualifying CCP or Career Tech student.  “It was an honor to get the Tuition Free Scholarship,” he says.  “It’s a lot of hard work to take college classes while in high school, but to know that your first two years of college are paid for is very rewarding.”

“The scholarship application process is very simple,” he goes on to explain.  “If you qualify for it after you apply, North Central will reach out to you and take you through the process.”

With the cost of living continuing to rise, Tuition Freedom is only one of many scholarships available to help students obtain an associate degree without breaking the bank. “I know that at a lot of universities, the tuition is going up,” Kimmel says.  “If you can go to a school like North Central, I strongly recommend it because it will save you money.  Also, the classes I am taking right now are the same classes students take at any larger university.  The class sizes are a lot smaller so you will be able to get more help if you need it from the professor.”

“I have been able to get my general education courses and my associate degree quicker and debt-free,” Kimmel says proudly.  “I can commute to campus and work at the same time, which is going to be very helpful down the road.”

The last day for students to respond to their Tuition Freedom Scholarship acceptance letter is July 8, 2022.

Kimmel will graduate in the fall of 2024 with an associate degree in liberal arts.  He plans to transfer to a four-year university get a bachelor’s degree in education.

Tuition Freedom Scholarship