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Paying for College takes many forms!

North Central State College is committed to helping you secure funding from every source to which you are entitled. In the current school year, more than $7.5 million was awarded to students who filled out the FAFSA and applied for scholarships from the NC State College Foundation.

  • Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is key for many forms of financial aid awards. the FAFSA will determine the amount of PELL Grant award you receive from the federal government. In addition, many scholarships and awards also reference your FAFSA as part of their selection criteria.

    Report your FAFSA to NC State, institution code 005313.

    Additional information regarding the FAFSA is available by clicking here.

  • Each February, the North Central State College Foundation takes scholarship applications for the following school year. In addition, many students qualify for institutional scholarships like Tuition Freedom and Choose Ohio First.

    There are also many scholarships available throughout the community. You can find more information about Grants and Scholarships is available by clicking here.

  • In recent years, only one in five students have accepted loans to pay for their education. NC State is affordable, and our financial aid packages make your NC degree an even greater value. If you do need to apply for a loan to help pay for college, we want to make sure you have all the facts, know your options and most importantly, make the right choice for you!

    Additional information regarding student loans is available by clicking here.

  • Some funding sources are available to meet the unique needs of individuals who are unemployed, or underemployed. You may be eligible for funding through Ohio Means Jobs, or other sources.

    If you are active duty with a branch of the military, or the child or spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible for education benefits through the GI Bill®. A list of these benefits can be found here.

  • For employers who will pay for an employee’s education after the successful completion of a class, NC State offers an Employer Tuition Deferral. The student must apply for the program, pay a portion of the tuition and fees, and provide confirmation of their eligibility from their employer. More information on this program is available from the Cashier’s Office in Byron Kee Center or on the website.

    Program 60 allows a resident to enroll in NC State classes tuition free, as long as there is space available in the course. No testing is required and no college credit is earned for the completion of Program 60 coursework.

  • Once all of the financial aid that is available to you is applied, there are a number os ways to pay for the balance on your account.

    The Cashier’s Office in Byron Kee Center accepts payments by cash, check, money order, debit and credit cards. They can also help you setup a payment plan to pay your bill. NOTE: the first installment will be required when the payment plan is put in place.

    More information about paying out of pocket can be found here.