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Visual Communications Media and Technology Graphic Design Degree Courses

3 Credits | Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
ARTS 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

ARTS 1010 - Drawing I

This course presents drawing concepts that can serve as a foundation for drawing itself and benefit other visual arts disciplines. The basic fundamentals of drawing, line form, gesture, and spatial illusion, perspective, composition, and use of light & shadow to describe space and volume. Studio practice will emphasize observational drawing to provide concrete and measurable examples of pictorial space. (TAG# OAH001)

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
ARTS 1070 Syllabus (PDF)

ARTS 1070 - Digital Photography

This hands-on course presents an introduction to the design issues, historical and contemporary approaches, of digital photography as they are applied to print, web, and video production. This course will provide theory and practical aspects of the parts of the camera as well as taking well-composed photographs that visually communicate a message. Other elements such as exposure, lighting, portraiture, print tonal qualities, and style will be introduced. Students must provide a digital camera with manual focus/aperture/shutter capability preferred. (TAG# OAH002)

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 3 Lab Hours
ARTS 1770 Syllabus (PDF)

ARTS 1770 - Digital Photography II

Take ITEC 1810 or ARTS 1770
This hands on course builds on the principles learned in ARTS1070 Digital Photography and applies the retouching and color correction principles learned in VCMT1050 Imaging I. Students will develop their skills in different kinds of lighting including the use of natural lighting, continuous lighting, speed lights, and strobe lights for products and portraiture. Posing, working with subjects and equipment, planning for photo sessions, and working with clients will be covered. Post processing of photos will be addressed using Adobe Lightroom. Organizing, customizing, retouching, controlling color, using special effects and ordering prints will be covered. Students will be required to build a photography portfolio of prints from a photo processing lab. Many out-of-class photography projects will be assigned, some of which will require recruiting models and time outside class in the Kehoe photo studio. A digital SLR camera is required.

Required Prerequisite(s): ARTS1070 and VCMT1050 with a minimum grade C-

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours 
BUSM 1150 Syllabus (PDF)

BUSM 1150 - Marketing

Marketing activities, analysis, strategies, and decision making in the context of other business functions. Topics include: integration of product, price, promotion, and distribution activities; research and analysis of markets, environments, competition, and customers; market segmentation and selection of target markets; and emphasis on behavior and perspectives of consumers and organizational customers. Planning and decision making for products and services in profit and nonprofit, domestic and global settings. (TAG # OBU006)

Required Prerequisite(s): ECON1510

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours 
BUSM 1170 Syllabus (PDF)

BUSM 1170 - Business Communications

This course introduces foundational business communication principles and practices. Students will learn to analyze different communication situations; to plan and design oral and written communications; to communicate effectively using appropriate formats, styles, and technologies; and to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to achieve desired communication objectives.  (OBU005, tentative)

Required Prerequisite(s): ENGL1010

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours 
ECON 1510 Syllabus (PDF)

ECON 1510 - Microeconomics

This course of study focuses upon how the condition of scarcity affects the decisions of individuals, households, and business firms in their roles as producers and consumers.  In particular, the price mechanism is addressed at length and explained by the conceptual and graphical representations of supply and demand.  Applications of such concepts as elasticity of demand, as well as marginal cost and revenue calculations are used by the student to determine optimum pricing, profit, and revenue strategies for the firm.  The advantages and disadvantages of relative economies of scale in both the long-run and short-run are explored.  The market conditions of monopoly, oligopoly as well as perfect competition are analyzed with the goal of giving the student an understanding and appreciation of their socio-economic implications. (TAG# OSS004)

Required Prerequisite(s): MATH0084 with a minimum grade of C- or qualifying placement test scores

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours 
BUSM 2110 Syllabus (PDF)

BUSM 2110 - Promotion and Advertising

The purpose of this course is to examine advertising as both a science and an art. We will attempt to blend the basic skills as detailed in the textbook with a variety of practical experiences that will culminate in group ad presentations. Topics covered will include the structure of the advertising business, knowing the consumer, selecting appropriate media, the uses of research, the preparation of “ad” copy and design layouts, and the future of advertising. Special attention will be directed to the goals of local advertising. (TAG# OCM012)

Required Prerequisite(s): ENGL0040 with a minimum grade of C- or qualifying placement test score

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours
ENGL 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

ENGL 1010 - English Composition I

This is a basic course in expository writing and critical reading. Students read a variety of nonfiction works and write summaries, analysis, essays, and a researched argument in response to their reading. Students learn to read actively and accurately and to organize, develop, and revise coherent papers appropriate for a college-educated audience. (OTM for First Writing Course TME001)

Required Prerequisite(s): ENGL0040 with a minimum grade of C- or qualifying placement test scores

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours 
HUMA 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

HUMA 1010 - Introduction to the Humanities

This course is a genre-based introduction to the humanities and the fine arts. The student will explore the six major means of artistic expression within the fine arts: painting, literature, drama, film, photography, and sculpture. The course focuses on an understanding of the genre itself as well as the various critical theories that apply to the fine arts, including but not necessarily limited to mimesis, formalism, didacticism, and postmodernism. Field trips are required in the course. This course meets the requirements for OTM in Arts and Humanities TMAH.

Required Prerequisite(s): ENGL0040 with a minimum grade of C- or qualifying placement test score

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
ITEC 1810 Syllabus (PDF)

ITEC 1810 - Microsoft Office for IT Professional

Take ITEC 1810 or ARTS 1770
This course prepares students to use the advanced features of Microsoft Office in a business environment. The skills learned in this course will prepare students to support business users, use the integrated tools within Microsoft Office, and apply advanced skills for analysis, reporting and presentations. Students are expected to be familiar with the fundamentals of Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate competency by producing integrated presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and relational databases.

Required Prerequisite(s): CISS1020 or pass the Computer Literacy Assessment

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 3 Lab Hours
PSYC 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

PSYC 1010 - Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Psychology is an introductory level course and is a study of the basic human behavior. Topics include the history of psychology, scientific methods, biological processes, cognitive processes, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, intelligence, human development, personality theory, psychopathology and treatment, stress and health, and social psychology. Please note outcomes are written to OBR standards using OBR language. Ohio Articulation Number OSS015. This course meets the requirements for OTM in Social and Behavioral Science TMSBS

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours
STAT 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

STAT 1010 - Probability and Statistics

This course provides the student with an overview of probability and statistics.  Probability terminology, concepts and rules are emphasized in solving probability problems.  Descriptive statistics, including measures of central tendency and dispersion, charts, tables and diagrams are used to summarize data.  The student is introduced to the binomial, Poisson, hyper-geometric, normal and t-distributions.  Confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, correlation, and linear regression are used to make conclusions concerning population parameters from sample data. This course meets the requirements for OTM Introductory Statistics TMM010.

Required Prerequisite(s): MATH0084 with a minimum grade of C-, or qualifying placement test score, or co-requisite STAT-0086

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
VCMT 1050 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 1050 - Imaging I

Course work includes an introduction to the vocabulary and production processes necessary to create images for printing, web design, and video, including desktop scanning and resolution. Using the leading computer software applications, students will explore raster and create vector based imagery, illustration, photo restoration, color correction and image composting.

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
VCMT 1085 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 1085 - Visual Communications I

This beginning course provides an overview of the MAC computer platform, and the Visual Communication Media and Technology industry. Students will explore different careers in the VCMT field. This course provides an overview of visual communication, graphic design principles, layout design, and typography. The leading computer software applications will be used to explore the processes of design and layout of different types of documents and media.

Required as Prerequisite or Concurrent: VCMT1050

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
VCMT 1190 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 1190 - Video Production I

This course explores the basic concepts, principles, terminology, skills, design techniques, styles and production processes utilized in planning, writing, lighting, performing, shooting, editing, and graphic generation for producing video. Producing quality audio for video is also explored. Single camera style, creative team work and storytelling will also be employed.

Required Prerequisite(s): ARTS1070 and VCMT1050 with a minimum grade of C-

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
VCMT 1280 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 1280 - Visual Communication II & Typography

Expanding on student’s knowledge of graphic design elements and principles covered in VCMT 1080, students will further explore page design. Emphasis will be on typography. History of typography, graphic design, and printing processes will be studied. Projects may include advertisements, letter shapes, logos, brochures, tables, form documents, grid layouts and mass media communication.

Required Prerequisite(s): VCMT1085 with a minimum grade of C-

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
VCMT 1550 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 1550 - Imaging II

This course will expand on the vocabulary and production processes learned in VCMT 1050 Imaging I. Emphasis will be on raster based images produced from the leading graphic software applications. Digital photography, developing images for the Internet, and more complex compositing techniques will be covered.

Required Prerequisite(s): ARTS1010 and VCMT1050 with a minimum grade of C-

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
VCMT 2060 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 2060 - Principles of Printing Technology

An overview of printing processes including individual hands-on experience with the major printing processes including offset lithography, large format inkjet, digital printing and silk screen printing. Printing materials and finishing techniques will be included. Hands-on experience printing in the lab will be required.

Required Prerequisite(s): VCMT1280 with a minimum grade of C-

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 3 Lab Hours
VCMT 2070 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 2070 - Web Design I

This class will cover current web design workflow, best practices for web design including responsive design and user interface design, software and languages for building web sites, web site analytics, usability, and social media. Students will build at least one responsive web site using CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver and another web site with CMS (Content Management Software) like WordPress. Web sites will contain images, text, navigation and multimedia. Basic scripting using HTML5 and CSS also will be covered. Students should be comfortable with image editing software.

Required Prerequisite(s): VCMT1050 with a minimum grade of C-

3 Credits | 1 Lecture Hours | 4 Lab Hours
VCMT 2280 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 2280 - Editing & Publishing for Visual

This course blends both copy and design to further develop skills in writing for publications, designing, and producing publications. Students will get experience in two related areas 1) writing and editing documents for publication, and 2) using design publication software to produce multiple page documents like books, newsletters, magazines, ebooks, and interactive publications. Students will produce copy for their publishing projects prior to placing it in their layout, will edit copy for technical correction, and will copy fit text to complete their projects. The use of grids, master pages, style sheets, tables, forms, and variable data, for print and electronic publication will be covered. This course will be team taught with the English department.

Required Prerequisite(s): VCMT1280 with a minimum grade of C-, ENGL1030

3 Credits | 1 Lecture Hours | 4 Lab Hours
VCMT 2550 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 2550 - Imaging III

This course will cover advanced vector & raster imaging techniques. Vector imaging techniques will cover information graphics, cartography, package design, 3 D gradient mesh, and technical illustration. Students will produce samples for their portfolio that demonstrate their skills in image manipulation, including advanced color correction, advanced photo retouching techniques, and photo montage.

Required Prerequisite(s): VCMT1550 with a minimum grade of C-

2 Credits | 1 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
VCMT 2700 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 2700 - Capstone Multimedia Portfolio

This course is designed to take a project idea from pre-production to finished product. Students will be expected to utilize all skills acquired in their VCMT program to assemble an electronic portfolio which can be used for employment interviews. All VCMT classes completed or concurrently enrolled. This class should be taken within 20 credit hours of graduation.

Required Prerequisite(s): 24 credit hours from VCMT and ARTS classes with a C- or better and a GPA of 2.00

1 Credit | 1 Lecture Hour
VCMT 2800 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 2800 - Cooperative Work Experience

The cooperative work experience is an opportunity for students to obtain practical work experience in the Visual Communications Field, while earning college credit. This on or off campus employment experience can be paid or unpaid. The work experience is coordinated by a faculty member who visits the job site for a conference with the student and the supervisor at least once per semester. Students must complete 150 hrs of work experience. This class is pass/fail.

Required Prerequisite(s): Student must have completed 24 semester credit hours of VCMT classes with a C- or better. Students should have a 2.0 GPA. All forms required for the Cooperative Work Experience must be submitted upon registering for this class. Students are required to attend an orientation class the first week of the semester. Students must get permission of the instructor in order to enroll in this class.
Required Concurrent Course(s): VCMT2850

1 Credit | 1 Lecture Hour
VCMT 2850 Syllabus (PDF)

VCMT 2850 - Seminar

This course is taken concurrently with VCMT 2800 Cooperative Work Experience. Students will discuss their work place experiences that occur during their Cooperative Work Experience. Students must get permission of the instructor in order to enroll in this class.

Required Concurrent Course(s): VCMT2800

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