Manufacturing Technology Operations Management Degree Courses

4 Credits | 4 Lecture Hours
ACCT 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

ACCT 1010 - Financial Accounting

This is an introductory course of study in financial accounting and financial reporting for business entities. (TAG# OBU010)

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours 
BUSM 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

BUSM 1010 - Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship

In this course the student is exposed to a broad view of the business enterprise. Special emphasis is placed upon the role and importance of entrepreneurship and small-business management. The student will gain insight into the necessity and mutual interdependence of such key business functions as management, human resources, operations and quality, marketing, accounting, and finance. Additionally, the topics of globalization and economics are introduced. Throughout this course, the student will gain extensive experience in problem solving by means of applying basic business math skills to typical business scenarios.

Required Prerequisite(s): ENGL0040 with minimum grade of C- or qualifying placement test score

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours 
BUSM 1050 Syllabus (PDF)

BUSM 1050 - Management

A study of the principles and practices relating to the successful management of modern business. Topics include planning, organizing, designing, and decision making. Ethics and organizational change are also covered. Cases are used to provide practice in the application of management concepts.

Required Prerequisite(s): BUSM1010 or BUSM1015 or completion of 22 semester credit hours

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours 
BUSM 1270 Syllabus (PDF)

BUSM 1270 - Quality

Quality improvement is recognized as an essential function in any successful organization. Leading corporations have demonstrated that improved quality raises profits, reduces costs, and provides competitive advantage. This course will explore the foundations of quality, tools and methods for analytic study, and administrative systems for quality management.

2 Credits | 1 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
CISS 1220 Syllabus (PDF)

CISS 1220 - Microsoft Excel

This course is an introductory course in spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel for Windows. Through a series of hands-on exercises, the student will create, edit, format, and print worksheets. Topics include: creating, saving, retrieving, formatting, editing, printing, creating formulas, using functions, naming cells and ranges, creating tables, creating charts, defining range names, validating data, sorting and filtering data, maintaining file organization, and using templates.

Required Prerequisite(s): CISS1020 or pass Computer Literacy Assessment

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours 
ECON 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

ECON 1010 - Introduction to Economics

This course covers four topic areas: a) basic economic terms in microeconomics, b) basic economic terms in macroeconomics, c) a historical overview of major economic ideas and d) an exploration of a variety of economic issues. This course is recommended for students who desire a one term survey course in economics. In this course students shall be challenged to think critically and to formulate independent and well-considered conclusions about a variety of economic issues and policies at a personal level as well as at the national level. Upon completion of this course students shall be better equipped to rationally participate in current economic policy debates by understanding the historical evolution of economic system, institutions and ideologies. (OTM for Social and Behavioral Sciences TMSBS)

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours
ENGL 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

ENGL 1010 - English Composition I

This is a basic course in expository writing and critical reading. Students read a variety of nonfiction works and write summaries, analysis, essays, and a researched argument in response to their reading. Students learn to read actively and accurately and to organize, develop, and revise coherent papers appropriate for a college-educated audience. (OTM for First Writing Course TME001)

Required Prerequisite(s): ENGL0040 with a minimum grade of C- or qualifying placement test scores

3 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours
ENGL 2150 Syllabus (PDF)

ENGL 2150 - Technical Writing

Technical Writing is designed to develop design skills in the following written document types: brochures, proposals, research and analytical reports, and workplace correspondence. Skill development may also include summarizing and abstracting information, conducting primary research through interviews, surveys and questionnaires, as well as technical editing. Students will write a resume and cover letter, create a definition newsletter, write instructions, and create a technical marketing brochure. Students will participate in collaborative writing and produce a group oral presentation.

Required Prerequisite(s): ENGL1010 with a minimum grade of C-

2 Credits | 1 Lecture Hour | 2 Lab Hours
ENGR 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

ENGR 1010 - Introduction to Engineering

This is an introductory course for engineering technology students. Students will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of engineering, the problems engineers encounter and the contributions made by engineers in various disciplines. The ethics and responsibilities of the engineer will discussed. Lab experience includes the following PC applications: operating systems and hardware, word processors, spreadsheets, and engineering graphing. An introduction to basic language programming is included at the end. Emphasis will be placed on using a PC to solve engineering problems and produce results. TAG: OES001 – INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 3 Lab Hours
PHYS 1010 Syllabus (PDF)

PHYS 1010 - Introductory Physics

This course will provide students with a general understanding, knowledge, and awareness of the physical world around them. Topics will introduce the concepts of mechanical, electrical and atomic physics with discussions, lectures, and laboratory experiences related to the principles of mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and atomic structure. This course meets the requirements for OTM in Natural Sciences TMNS.

Required Prerequisite(s): MATH0084 or higher with a minimum grade of C-

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