Bioscience is one of the newest areas of interest in the medical, agricultural, manufacturing and criminal justice fields. This broad-based program will give you the basic knowledge of chemistry required by the versatile careers available, as well as the processes, techniques and safety issues required in the lab.

Where You Could Go

Jobs are available for Bioscience graduates today, and for the foreseeable future. You could find employment in medical research, agricultural research, product testing, criminal investigation and pharmacology research.

Transfer Pathways

NC State maintains formal transfer agreements with four year colleges and universities throughout the state of Ohio. These should help you make a smooth transition toward your bachelor’s degree, or beyond. In addition, opportunities may be available to pursue further education in specific areas of study while working in the field.

Job Demand

There is a regional and national need for Bioscience Technicians in all areas of research. This career is in early stages of development and has future growth prospects.