Small Business Big Rewards

Computers continue to change throughout the years, but the education one student received from North Central State College prepared him for the skills to keep up with the changing times.

Jason Eagleston is the owner of Richland PC and graduated with an associate degree in Information Technology – Networking in 2010.  This degree teaches students how to create, administer and secure servers and networking infrastructures while earning information technology certifications.

“The classes I enjoyed the most were programming and network security.  I had so many great teachers while attending North Central,” Eagleston explains.  “It is also close to home for me and offered classes I needed to prepare me for my future.”

Eagleston has been working with computers for over 20 years now.  “Computers have really changed over the years,” he says.  “Service packs used to be released every two years and now it is every month.  In addition, all of these transfer devices are cloud-based. The college was very valuable in the sense that it taught me to continue researching and keeping up with the trends.”

“The knowledge I received from the college included how to diagnose network issues, what programs to use, and skills for this type of market. I can now take apart a laptop and replace the motherboard in less than 12 minutes.”

He worked for Dell as a service technician for many years, traveling across the state replacing parts for computers.  He later opened Richland PC which has been operating for over five years in Ontario, Ohio.  Richland PC is a full-service computer repair company that specializes in computer repairs, virus removal, data recovery, networks, and business service as well as website and web services.

Along with running his own business, Eagleston has also developed software that is used in businesses involving medical transportation.

“North Central also prepared me for running a business,” he says. “I would not have known about some of the resources to take advantage of for small businesses if it was not North Central.   The college definitely pushed me in the right direction for my future.”