Rewarding Careers Helping Others

In these tough times, nurses are needed more than ever.  As cases continue to rise from COVID-19 the nation is also battling a healthcare worker shortage.  Nurses are an integral part of the health care team and students in the North Central State College nursing program are eager to get out into the field and help those in need.

Sidney Cassidy is one of those students, eager to help and knows she was born to be a nurse.  “I’ve wanted to be one since childhood,” Cassidy explains.  “I am the oldest child in my family so it was just natural for me to have a caring personality.  Being able to change somebody’s life in the tiniest aspect, makes it that much more fulfilling.”

She is currently pursuing an associate degree in registered nursing at North Central State College.  “I had a child young, so going to a four-year college was not in the cards for me,” she says.  “North Central is allowing me to have the same education, as a four-year institution.  I can take some classes at home and still be able to be a mom and work full-time.”

Cassidy says the faculty and staff at NC State are very accommodating and understand the needs of the students.  “They just know that when students are coming to North Central they are not only coming to get an education but they also have a life outside of it,” she explains.  “Some of us have families and jobs.  We also have other things that are not just school and they understand.  They try to help you through as much as possible.” She says nursing school is tough but appreciates the one-on-one instruction and connection she can get with a small class size.  “They get to know you by your name, but just by a seat in the classroom.”

Cassidy is a mom with many responsibilities, one of the most important is being a good example for her daughter.  “When I first got my stethoscope to start the program, my daughter kept telling everyone I was already a nurse,” she says with a smile.  “I am bettering myself to better her life in the long run.  I want her to see that just because I had a child young it did not stop me from pursuing my dream”

One hundred percent of NC State grads seeking employment in nursing are employed.  In fact, many nursing graduates are employed before they graduate.  Some of our graduates are also encouraged by their employers to continue their education.  For Cassidy, she hopes to get a position at the Cleveland Clinic.  “The Cleveland Clinic would be a great hospital to work for and that is my end goal,” Cassidy says.”

She is on track to graduate in the spring of 2022.