Weather Closing

College Closing Policy (PDF), opens in a new window

Public Media

After the Mansfield Alert System, social media and website are updated with the closing information, local and regional media outlets will be notified. These media partners may include the listing shown below.

Newspaper (and website)

Gannet – Covers 10 Market Areas

Richland Source

TV Station (and website)

Radio Stations (many will also list on websites)

WNCO – Ashland – 101.3 FM

WNCO – Ashland – 1340 AM

WBCO – Bucyrus – 1540 AM

WQEL – Bucyrus – 92.7 FM

WWBK – Fredericktown – 98.3 FM

WBZW – Fredericktown – 107.7 FM

WFXN – Galion – 102.3 FM

WSWR – Mansfield – 100.1 FM

WMAN – Mansfield – 1400 AM

WVNO – Mansfield – 106.1 FM

WYHT – Mansfield – 105.3 FM

WRGM – Mansfield – 1440 AM

All or a portion of the Campus may be closed for inclement weather or other reasons, like a power outage, or a building without heat.

  • Weather Related – The campus will remain open many times when area K12 public schools might close. Also, the campus might close only for morning classes and reopen for afternoon and evening classes. In the event of a forced cancellation, students will be notified using the Mansfield Alert System which will send an email message to students. The website homepage will be updated, and posts will be made to Facebook page, and twitter account. In addition, announcements will be made through local and regional media outlets.
  • Closings Other Than Weather Related – At times, the college must close a building for loss of power, heat, construction, etc. Notification will be made using the same communications as a weather closing. However, please read and listen carefully as the announcement may only affect a single building, while the rest of the campus remains open.

While the switchboard recording will be changed to reflect closing information, students are encouraged NOT to call the college switchboard, but instead, check your student email, social media and website. If you are traveling, listen carefully to local radio for specific instructions on one of the listed radio or television stations.

Student Safety is Priority One

The decision about whether to close the campus or remain open is based on whether the students can park and walk safely to their classes. In addition, we will also remain informed of Level 3 snow emergencies in Richland County, when only emergency personnel are permitted to travel. However, it is likely that the college will remain open during Level 1 and 2 alerts. As students, you must make the decision whether or not to come to class, and whether you can make the trip safely. You also have a responsibility to notify your instructors if you cannot attend. Please communicate with your instructors as soon as possible if you decide not to travel.

Primary Student Notification is the Mansfield Alert System

All student email addresses are automatically entered into the Mansfield Alert System at the beginning of each semester. This service will send an email to the student with information about any closing or delay due to weather, or other circumstance. Each student is encouraged to personalize their alert notification so that they can receive text and voicemail alerts if desired. They may also choose to have alerts sent to additional family members.

Social Media, Switchboard and Website

As soon as the alert system is activated regarding a closing, the college will post the information on the homepage of the website, on social media, as well as update the recording at the switchboard. We encourage students to follow these social media pages for up to date information.