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No matter your situation, NC State has a lot to offer.

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Every student is unique, and at NC State we’re working hard to support our students as they continue working toward their goal of a college education. If you have any questions, contact

  • NC State will offer new spring scholarship awards for students of all ages:

    Click here to download the Information sheet on all NC State Certificate programs. (PDF)

  • For the first time since the Tuition Freedom Scholarship (TFS) Program began, North Central State College will welcome new incoming scholars for the Spring 2021 Semester that begins on January 11, 2021. Traditionally, TFS scholars were required to begin their studies in the fall.

    The scholarship covers general tuition up to an associate’s degree for students directly enrolling with College Credit Plus (CCP) or articulated credit from a career center.

    The additional boost is intended to help 2020 graduates whose fall post-secondary plans were disrupted by the pandemic. According to a NC State survey completed by 32 regional guidance counselors, 34% felt COVID moderately derailed college transition for the 2020 class, and 6% said it greatly derailed plans.

    NC State will offer about 40 additional scholarships to eligible students that did not attend college this fall. To guarantee consideration for this scholarship, we recommend completion of the TFS application and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (20-21 year) by Nov. 6. FASFAs filed after this date risk processing delays that could hinder finalization of the aid package prior to the Dec. 8 tuition deadline. In any case, no applications will be accepted past Dec. 1.

    Click here for more information on Tuition Freedom Scholarships.

    • College Credit Plus and College NOW provide college credit while still enrolled in high school
    • Successful CCP students are offered Tuition Freedom Scholarships
    • Tuition Freedom Scholarships are available for CCP students who meet the TFS guidelines. You could complete a certificate or associate degree tuition-free.
    • NC State offers CCP classes in more than 55 area high schools, online and in-person on our campus in Mansfield, Shelby and at the Crawford Success Center in Bucyrus.
    • The CCP credits you earn while in high school can save you thousands of dollars when you transfer to college after you graduate from high school.

    Click Here  for more information about College Credit Plus at NC State.

    • Don’t take a gap year. Often, students who step away from continuing their studies, have trouble regaining their educational momentum.
    • If your plans are changing during the current crisis, consider staying close to home, and earning quality, transferrable credits – at NC State at a fraction of the cost per credit hour compared to other colleges and universities.
    • We’re committed to helping you secure all the financial aid for which you qualify.
    • In addition to traditional financial aid, we are working to provide new awards for students pursuing short-term certificates and providing emergency funding through the NC State College Foundation and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act from the federal government.
    • If you took College Credit Plus courses while in high school, you may qualify for a Tuition Freedom Scholarship from NC State – allowing you to earn a certificate or associate degree tuition-free.
    • NC State offers individualized service and support to every student.

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    • If you’ve been dreaming of a new career, now is the time to pursue that dream. The right certificate or degree can change your life for the better.
    • With more than 60 degrees and certificate programs available, you can update your skills or retrain for a new career.
    • We’re committed to helping you secure all the financial aid for which you qualify.
    • In addition to traditional financial aid, we are working to provide new awards for students pursuing short-term certificates and by providing emergency funding through the NC State College Foundation.

    For more information tailored to the needs of adult students, click here.

    If you would like more information about online learning, click here.

  • COVID-19 has upended our lives. As summer begins we have more questions than answers about the future and when we can all regain some normalcy in our lives. Higher education has been upended too.

    But many institutions are responding and evolving. North Central State College is one of those responding to meet the changing needs of so many. We are committed to keeping students safe while providing them the opportunity to continue their pursuit of a college education.

    For more than 50 years, NC State has been the community college for north central Ohio, preparing tens of thousands of graduates for demanding jobs in manufacturing, business, public service and health care. We’ve also been quietly providing quality credits for thousands of students who are transferring to colleges and universities throughout Ohio with two-fold benefits – accelerating their journey to a college degree and saving their families significant amounts of money as they pursue that goal.

    It’s this second role – providing quality college credits that are guaranteed to transfer to other Ohio institutions – that is perfect for today.

    If your current plan to attend a college or university is uncertain, we offer certainty. Take credits close to home that will transfer and allow you to resume your original enrollment plan without losing a semester, or an entire year, of momentum toward your degree. NC State is affordable, flexible and the credits you earn are transferable.

    If your employment has been interrupted and your future employment seems less certain, we offer certainty. We have tens of thousands of alumni who are deemed essential, even critical, employees, proudly serving the needs of others in health care, safety forces, business and social services throughout the community.

    If the commitment to enroll in a long-term educational program makes you feel uncertain, NC State certificate programs may provide both confidence and certainty. We have dozens of certificates, some that can be completed in a few weeks.

    If you’re uncertain about taking classes online, you need to know how distance learning has changed. Online classrooms today closely resemble in-person classes. You see your classmates, and interact with them, participating in lively discussions with each other and your instructors. If you are still unsure about online education, NC State plans to offer in person instruction and a hybrid mixture of online and in person instruction this fall.

    If paying for college makes you uncertain, NC State has assembled numerous sources of grants and scholarships that provide financial assistance for the majority of our students. NC State’s affordable tuition, coupled with a commitment to help you find sources of financial aid, has resulted in less than 1 in 5 students needing to borrow money to complete their education. In comparison to universities, community colleges have become the “undergraduate scholarship option” to pursue higher education affordably.

    Whether you stay with NC State for a class, a semester, a certificate or a degree, we are here for you and we will help you get exactly what you need to move forward. NC State now offers a baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in addition to dozens of associate degree and certificate programs.

    Those who prepare today will be poised to succeed as the country regains momentum.

    America is the land of opportunity. We have overcome countless obstacles throughout history. I believe COVID-19 will become another challenge that  Americans have risen to meet and overcome; joining countless wars, recessions, natural disasters and crises which have brought us together as a people and made us stronger as a nation.

    NC State is working to be the right college for right now – for each student – for as long as they need us.

    We would welcome the opportunity to explore your needs with you, and return a little certainty to your college education!

    For more information tailored to the needs of adult students, click here.

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