Lt. Gov. announces Tower Technician Program

Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted made a stop at North Central State College today for the announcement of a new Tower Technician Program at the James W. Kehoe Center in Shelby.  The certificate program is a partnership between NC State College and Governor Mike DeWine’s Office of Workforce Training (GOWT).  North Central is one of three sites selected across the state for this new training program.  The goal of the Tower Technician Program is to provide a reliable stream of qualified employees to support the expanding 5G networking needs of multiple utility providers throughout Ohio.

Lt. Gov. Husted believes the addition of the Tower Technician Program will play a crucial part in keeping our state up-to-date with new and improving technology.  “We have a lot of opportunity in our state to grow this industry.  This is the next generation opportunity to expand the 5G Network and high-speed internet,” he explains.  “With all of us working together in collaboration it allows us to get this done and our educational programs are an essential element.”

Dorey Diab, President of NC State was pleased the college was chosen, “The Kehoe Center is perfect for the Tower Tech program.  We have the space available and numerous laboratories already in place to support the training required. In addition, we’re excited to work with new industry partners to provide the qualified workforce they require. NC State is always striving to adapt to meet the evolving needs of our regional partners.”

The Tower Technician Program is in response to the substantial workforce shortage in several industries.  The program at North Central State College will prepare tower technicians for employment by providing training on numerous fronts including installation, maintenance, and repair on towers, antennas, microwave dishes, and lighting systems.  Students will learn how to perform routine inspections and tests while practicing safety on all levels.

“The program is serving a critical need, giving people the skills they need, and will also lead to great paying careers,” Husted said.  “Individuals who complete the program can earn $50-$60,000 in the first year on the job.”  The areas of training will include safety, basic rigging and fall protection, CPR/First aid, OSHA, RF awareness, capstan hoist, defensive driving, cell component, antenna basic, and NWSA certification training.

Those interested in the Tower Technician Program should visit  or contact the North Central State College Admissions Team at 419-755-4761 or