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Honor’s College

Honors studies at North Central State College are a little different than a lot of institutions. We challenge students to explore their interests and expand their boundaries.

NC State Honor Students are encouraged to break out of the classroom and interact with the community. They design projects and research under the mentorship of dedicated honors faculty members, submit their concepts for approval for honors credit, and go to work on their project. These experiences of integrated learning are equal parts inspiring, practical, meaningful and empowering. The honors experience is also personally rewarding for many students.

Every Spring/Fall semester the NC State Honor Students are invited to participate in an exclusive Honors Colloquium. The colloquia serve as important networking opportunities with business, industry, education, and government representatives who share their personal insight into leadership, civic engagement, character development, and global awareness.

At the end of Fall and Spring Semester, Honor Students display and present their projects at the Honors Poster Exhibition in the Conard Common on the main campus. Students, faculty, administration, members of the Board of Trustees, and the community are invited to attend and share in the celebration of exceptional learning.

Credits for honors studies are included on student transcripts. Students who complete a minimum of four projects and 15 credit hours of honors coursework will receive special recognition at graduation.
The Honors College Experience is available from NC State! Standout and start earning your honors credit today.


The North Central State Honors College will provide enhanced learning opportunities for talented students in both academic and career programs in an effort to enable them to develop to their fullest potential.

Guiding Principles

  • To offer challenges and opportunities to highly-motivated, academically-talented, and committed students.
  • To provide students with engaging intellectual environments to facilitate the growth of strong academic skills.
  • To provide special recognition and rewards for outstanding students.
  • To provide an intellectually stimulating context in which students can explore connections between theory and practice.
  • To provide a context in which students learn to connect or integrate ideas and methods across disciplines.
  • To impart to students a lasting love and enthusiasm for learning, problem solving, service, leadership, and critical thinking.