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With both associate degree and certificate classes available online and one of the most affordable tuition rates in Ohio, NC State College offers you classes that meet both your schedule and your budget. Enroll today in one of our programs, or just a single class—there are more than 150 online classes available this summer and fall.


For more information about NC State’s fully online classes, please visit the Online Learning homepage.


Classes totally online with regular and required virtual classroom meetings


Classes activities online with regular on-campus classroom requirements

Are eLearning Classes for Everyone?

In a word, no. eLearning courses can be more intensive than a traditional class. In particular, they require you to have good time management, reading, writing, computer and study skills. That being said, there are no special pre-requisites or requirements for eLearning classes.

Do eLearning Courses count for the same credit as a traditional class?

YES! You earn the same amount of college credit whether you take an eLearning version or a traditional on-campus version of an NC State course. Course content and transferability are identical to courses offered on-campus.

Will I have an instructor or classmates in an eLearning course?

YES! Each eLearning course has a NC State instructor who facilitates the learning process and is available for you to contact by various means (phone, e-mail, on-campus office hours, online office hours via Zoom, etc.) when you need help or have questions. In addition, for Online & Hybrid courses, you will also have classmates that you interact with either face to face or online.

How do Online Classes "First Days" Work?

For Fully Online classes (Section 92x), typical “first day of class” information is provided through either a some sort of recorded orientation online in Canvas, or an optional live online session via Zoom. ONLINE Hybrid classes (Section 91x) will also have some introductory info in Canvas, including the live class meeting link which you will use at the designated day/time each week to login live online to a Zoom virtual room.On-Campus Hybrid classes will simply meet for their first regularly scheduled session in the designated on campus class room. See the current term eLearning Classes orientation page for details.

How do I do my assignments and interact with my Online Instructor or classmates?

NC State uses Canvas to conduct online classes. Canvas is on online course platform that allows you to access information, submit assignments, download course materials to your computer, interact with your instructor and classmates via discussion boards and more. In addition, some Online and Hybrid instructors utilize the Zoom live virtual classroom software to hold live online class sessions or office hours.

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