Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Committee Mission

The North Central State Diversity and Social Justice committee commits to upholding diversity, inclusion, and equity by working with the College community to create an institutional climate that fosters respect for all members as equals.

Committee Charge

Cultivate cultural intelligence, increase employee and student diversity, and embed DEI values in all areas of the College.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Toni Johnson
  • Dr. Dorey Diab
  • Doug Hanuscin
  • Deb Hysell
  • Dr. Gina Kamwithi
  • Kimberly Lybarger
  • Barb Keener
  • Molly McCue
  • Lisa Music
  • Margaret Puckett
  • Michelle Slattery
  • Ginny Telego
  • Pam Barrett
  • Christie Bowie
  • Mohamed Ghonimy

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