State Tested Nurse Assistant

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the Ohio Board of Health as a State Tested Nurse Assistant (STNA).  The STNA will assist the Licensed Practical and Registered Nurse in providing basic care to patients in all types of health facilities and home health.

North Central State College partners with Pioneer Career and Technology Center and Madison Adult Career Center to provide this medical certification. This certificate can be applied towards a Health Services Technology Associate Degree.

Depending where you attend classes, the number of STNA courses will vary.

These courses are FLEX courses and DO NOT follow the semester calendar.

Course: STNA 1110
Course Title: State Tested Nurse Assistant
Credits: 3
: No
: No
Course: STNA 1150
Course Title: State Tested Nurse Assistant CPR/First Aid
Credits: 1
: No
: No
Course: STNA 1250
Course Title: State Tested Nurse Assistant Directed Practice
Credits: 2
: No
: No