Phlebotomy and EKG

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the American Medical Technologist (AMT) as a Phlebotomy Technician.  EKG technologist will complete heart testing which can then be read by a physician.  The Phlebotomist will be able to draw blood and obtain samples of other body fluids to be processed by a laboratory.

North Central State College partners with the Madison Adult Career Center to provide this medical certification. This certificate can be applied towards a Health Services Technology Associate Degree.

The Phlebotomy and EKG program is offered through Madison Adult Career Center as a FLEX program and DOES NOT follow the College’s calendar. The course of study consists of 4 courses, PHLB 1110-30, PHLB 1210-30, PHLB 1250-30, and ELKG 1110-30. The student MUST sign up for all four courses to complete the program.

Phlebotomy and EKG Certification Training Courses

Note: These courses are FLEX courses and DO NOT follow the semester calendar.
  • ELKG1110 – Electrocardiographic Technician
  • PHLB1110 – Phlebotomy
  • PHLB1210 – Phlebotomy Directed Practice
  • PHLB1250 – Phlebotomy Seminar