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Pharmacy Technician Certificate

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the Ohio Pharmacy Technical Board as a Pharmacy Technician. This program will prepare you to assist the pharmacist in various healthcare facilities.

North Central State College partners with the Pioneer Career and Technology Center to provide this medical certification. This certificate can be applied towards a Health Services Technology Associate Degree.

The Pharmacy Technician Certificate is an online course of study which may include a 20 hour practical experience toward the end of the program. The program is operated through Pioneer Career and Technology Adult Education Center. There will be two cohorts of students per year starting in Fall and Spring Semesters.

After registering at North Central State College, students MUST contact Pioneer Adult Education to finish the registration process.

Required Courses


PHRM 2100 - Pharmacy Tech Training Part A

This is an on-line program of study. This program consists of two courses PHRM2100 and PHRM 2200. The student entering this program will be prepared to obtain the skills necessary to be a certified pharmacy technician. Upon completion of the program (PHM2100 and PHRM 2200), the student will be eligible to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination, (PTCE) provided by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. (PTCB). PHRM2100 course content will focus on medical terminology, central and peripheral nervous system, blood and blood formation, and hormones, medication classifications to include cardiovascular drugs, renal drugs, anti-infective agents, cancer drugs, chemotherapy drugs, and vitamins. The student will learn of the regulations governing the pharmacy industry in Ohio and at the Federal level. The student will learn aseptic techniques of medication preparation. The course will cover areas pertaining to pharmaceutical to include: definitions, methods of drug preparations and dispensing, syringes, techniques of sterile compounding, solutions, parenteral anti-neoplastic agents, and stability considerations for parenteral products.

Credit Hours: 8
Lecture Hours: 8
Required Prerequisite Course: Take ENGL 0040, MATH 0084 & CHEM 1010; (minimum grade of C- required for all); OR qualifying placement test scores
Required Concurrent Course: Take PHRM 2200 

PHRM 2200 - Pharmacy Tech Training Part B

The PHRM2200 course is designed to complete the didactic portion of the Pharmacy Technician program course of study and includes a 20 hour non-paid practicum at a local pharmacy. The major focus of the course is drug calculations to include the metric system of measurements, abbreviations, apothecary systems of notation, drug calculations, IV flow rates, dosage regimens, powders volumes and pricing. A secondary focus is on pharmacy operations to focus on basic fact in pharmacy, assisting the pharmacist, general prescriptions duties, medication distribution/inventory control, and third party reimbursement. The student will be given a mock pharmacy technician certification examination designed to mimic the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board's examination.

Credit Hours: 7
Lecture Hours: 6
Practicum Hours: 7
Required Concurrent Course: Take PHRM 2100 

Total Credit Hours: 15