Manufacturing Technology Operations Management

Manufacturing Technology is a multi-disciplinary study of manufacturing elements. Students take coursework in traditional metalworking process, which include: operation of lathes, mills, drill press and grinders; with the opportunity to earn national certifications. Traditional stamping press studies include die design and problem solving applications to tool design. Advanced machining studies are focused on CNC programming and operations as well as CAD/CAM/CNC labs with MasterCam applications. Manufacturing processes using polymers and resins are presented with applications of molding techniques and include topics in green manufacturing. Quality control and project management methods include CMM tools. New technology studies include two semesters of laser studies with focus on optics and industrial applications.

Where You Could Go

The career opportunities that exist for graduates of Manufacturing Technology Studies are found in design, development, and implementation of engineering plans. Opportunities also exist for individuals who provide specification, fabrication, installation and monitoring of equipment. Additional areas of employment include plant engineering, manufacturing services, component manufacture, estimating, process control, inspection and testing, sales engineering, supervision of manufacturing processes, and assisting in research and development.

Job Demand

Nearly 100% of NC State graduates in this field are employed. There continues to be a ready market for those with drafting and design skills in our area. The programs are not narrowly focused; this offers greater flexibility in meeting the changing career opportunities in today’s job market.