Health Services Technology Degree Courses

BIOL 1050 - Principles of Biology

This course is designed as an introduction to biology for non-majors. The course will provide the fundamentals of biology for students as an introduction to further college biology courses. The course will introduce students to the diversity, structure, and interdependence of living organisms with one another and the environment. Students will meet two lecture hours and two lab hours per week.Required Concurrent Course(s): Take BIOL-1050L

BIOL 1550 - Microbiology for Health Professionals

This course is designed for allied health and nursing majors. It explores the major groups of microorganisms and the role they play in the environment and in disease. The host-parasite relationship, human immunity to disease, epidemiology, and the control of microorganisms are also addressed. Laboratory exercises provide the student with the basic techniques of microbial identification, microscopy, sterile technique, and basic infection control.Required Concurrent Course(s): Take BIOL-1550L

BIOL 1730 - Basic Anatomy and Physiology

This course presents the basic terms and concepts that deal with the structure and processes of the human body. It involves examination of the body as a whole, the cell, and tissues. The basic structure and physiology of the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, and endocrine systems are presented. Laboratory exercises enhance and support the lecture topics and include microscopy, the study of models, specimen dissection, cadaver study, and physiological experiments.Required Prerequisite(s): Take both READ-0080 & WRIT-0090 or take ENGL-0040 (minimum grade of C-); OR qualifying placement test scoresRequired Concurrent Course(s): Take BIOL-1730L

CHEM 1030 - Chemistry

The course is to give the Allied Health and Nursing student an appreciation and understanding of general inorganic chemistry. Includes atomic and molecular structure, molecular forces, properties and states of matter, naming of chemical compounds, types and behaviors of solutions, types of reactions, acid base chemistry, carefully chosen organic topics with their applications to specific health problems. Laboratory exercises will enhance and reinforce lecture topics. (OTM approved course in Natural Sciences TMNS)Required Prerequisite(s): Take CHEM-1010 or high school chemistry with a minimum grade of C-.Required Concurrent Course(s): Take CHEM-1030L

3 Credits | 2 Lecture Hours | 2 Lab Hours
CISS 1020 Syllabus (PDF), opens in a new window

CISS 1020 - Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Computers is a course designed to present the basic computer concepts and the Microsoft Office Suite applicable to today’s business world. Areas of concentration include Computer Concepts, Windows, Internet Explorer, E-mail, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate competency by interfacing with the Windows operating system and the internet, and to produce electronic presentations, written business documents, electronic spreadsheets, relational databases, and electronic mail. TAG course:OBU003

COMM 1010 - Speech

This course involves instruction and experience in giving a presentation. Students are taught the principles of speech content and delivery so that they can effectively participate in a variety of practical speaking situations. Presentations will include the informative speech, persuasive speech, visual aid/demonstration speech, impromptu speech, and group presentation. (OTM for Oral Communication TMCOM and TAG# OCM013)

ENGL 1010 - English Composition I

This is a basic course in expository writing and critical reading. Students read a variety of nonfiction works and write summaries, analysis, essays, and a researched argument in response to their reading. Students learn to read actively and accurately and to organize, develop, and revise coherent papers appropriate for a college-educated audience. (OTM for First Writing Course TME001)Required Prerequisite(s): READ0080 & WRIT0090 or take ENGL0040 (minimum grade of C- required for all), or qualifying placement test scores

ENGL 1030 - English Composition II

This is a course in argument and research writing. Students read issue-based works and write summaries, responses, and an argument and research paper. Students learn to organize research projects, find and evaluate sources, incorporate ideas and quotations from sources, document their sources in MLA and APA style, analyze and use argumentative strategies and persuasive appeals, and prepare and revise effective, coherent papers. (OTM for Second Writing Course TME002)Required Prerequisite(s): Take ENGL-1010 with a minimum grade of C- or better.

STAT 1010 - Probability and Statistics

This course provides the student with an overview of probability and statistics. Probability terminology, concepts and rules are emphasized in solving probability problems. Descriptive statistics, including measures of central tendency and dispersion, charts, tables and diagrams are used to summarize data. The student is introduced to the binomial, Poisson, hyper-geometric, normal and t-distributions. Confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, correlation, and linear regression are used to make conclusions concerning population parameters from sample data. This course meets the requirements for OTM Introductory Statistics TMM010.Required as Prerequisite or Concurrent: MATH0086 (Minimum grade of C- required) or qualifying placement test score OR Co-requisite of STAT0086

4 Credits | 3 Lecture Hours | 3 Lab Hours
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BIOL 1230 - Biology 1

This course is an introduction to biology for bioscience majors and students planning to transfer to four year institutions. The course will introduce fundamental concepts of biology including the scientific method, structure and chemical properties of cells. The course will introduce students to biochemical pathways, bioenergetics, and basic concepts of genetics, heredity and homeostasis. Historical contributions and application of biological principles to biotechnology will be discussed. Students will meet three lecture hours and three lab hours per week.

Required Prerequisite(s): Take both READ-0080 and WRIT-0090 or take ENGL-0040. Also take MATH0074 (minimum grade of C- required for all) OR qualifying placement test scores.


There are also 6 elective courses required for this degree. Please see the curriculum worksheet (PDF), opens in a new window for a current electives list.

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