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Ted Mecurio — 50 Years of Service to North Central State College

Please help us celebrate Ted Mecurio’s 50th Anniversary of employment with the College. His commitment to our institution, our students and everyone who has had the pleasure to work with him throughout his career is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations Ted!

This video information is available as a text transcript with description of visuals below.

Video Transcript

In 1972:

  • A postage stamp cost 8¢
  • A gallon of gas cost 55¢
  • A pair of Wrangler jeans cost $12.00
  • A ticket to the movies cost $1.75
  • Tuition at Harvard $2,800
  • Average cost of a new home $27,550
  • Ted Mecurio became a Computer Programmer at North Central Technical College.

Through the years, his job titles have changed from Data Processing, to Information Systems to Information Technology. As his profession has evolved, he has grown professionally and provided service and leadership.

2014 Staff member of the year. At NCTC and NCSC for 50 Years! Dedicating his entire career to our institution and our students.

Thank you, Ted Mecurio!