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Applying for TRIO Services

To apply to the TRIO Student Support Services program please complete this application, opens in a new window
Only complete applications will be considered for services and does not guarantee admission to the program. Following an initial Intake Interview, students deemed eligible will be contacted by the program.


Eligibility is based on federally defined criteria where at least one of the following must be met:

In addition:

  • You must be registered for classes at North Central State College.
  • You must be enrolled in an Associate Degree or Certificate program at North Central State College.
  • You must be in good academic standing based on the requirements of North Central State College.
  • You cannot be on financial aid restriction.
  • You must demonstrate academic need.
  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • You cannot have an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.

All students admitted to the Student Support Services program must attend an initial orientation session and meet with their SSS advisor throughout the year. Students must also be committed to using SSS resources and graduating from North Central State College!

SSS is part of the federally funded TRIO Programs, for more information on the TRIO Programs please visit:, opens in a new window