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8-Week Classes Begin Oct. 16th

We hope students have a great fall semester.

If you are still interested in enrolling at North Central, we are now offering 8-week courses* so you can concentrate on fewer courses at a time.  The second half of fall semester begins October 16, 2023.

BUSM-2010Intro Data Mgmt for Business
PSYC-1010Intro to Psychology
HUMA-1010Intro to Humanities
MATH-1151Calculus II
MUSC-1010Music Appreciation
STAT-0086Algebra for Prob & Stats
STAT-1010Probability & Statistics
ENGL-0040Integrated Reading & Writing
PSYC-1010Intro to Psychology
MATH-1110College Algebra
PSYC-2090Social Psychology
GEOL-1010Physical Geology
HIST-1010American History I
EDUT-2150Educational Psychology
ENGL-2050American Literature I
ENGL-2050English Composition I
SPAN-1010Beginning Spanish I
ENGL-0010College Comp Lab
ENGL-1030English Composition II
CISS-1280Microsoft Excel Advanced
ENGL-9920 Combined ENG 101 & ENGL 0010
MATH-0084Intro & Intermediate Algebra
CISS-1280Microsoft Excel Advanced
ITEC-1650Linux Fundamentals (Linux+)
BUSM-1010Intro to Business & Entreprenuership

If you don’t find the information you need, contact, or connect with any of the offices below. We’re here for you!

*Certain criteria apply.  Contact NC State for additional information.

Fall Break Week October 9-15

Fall 2023 Session B Begins October 16 - December 10

Fall Semester 2023 Ends