Getting Started

How can I receive Technology Orientation?

When a new employee is hired, an “Employee Information Technology Service Request” form is filled out by the Dean, Assistant Dean, or Senior AA, which specifies what your technology needs will be and requests these needs be filled. On this form, there is a section requesting training for the phone system, administrative system, network login, and e-mail. The new employee will be contacted by IT to set up a time for this training.

What is the Computer Access Policy?

View attendance and punctuality policy (PDF), opens in a new window

North Central State College computer and network resources are privileges provided to conduct the legitimate business of the College and to support the mission of the institution. The purpose of this statement is to outline the policies and procedures that promote the security and integrity of the College‘s computer systems and the information contained on those systems and that provide a framework for responsible access to computing resources. The President of the College and the Vice President of Academic Services, deans, or instructors may elect to impose additional requirements or restrictions. North Central State College extends these principles and guidelines to systems outside the College which are accessed via the College‘s facilities. Computing or network providers outside of North Central State College may impose their own additional conditions of appropriate use, for which users at North Central State College are responsible. A complete copy of the North Central State College Computer and Network Resources Use Policy is available for review in the Office of Human Resources.

How do I get an ID and how is it used?

The new employee will go to the Cashier’s Office in Kee Hall anytime during open facility hours. The ID card will be printed as you wait. It takes approximately 5 minutes. The ID card allows the employee to print, access buildings, check out books in the library and use the Recreation Center. The ID card can be used at various businesses for discounts. Contact the Senior Administrative Assistant office for a copy of that list.

How do I get a parking tag?

Contact Human Resources to obtain a parking hang tag.