Find your path

Complete the first two years of your 4-year degree at North Central State. You can finish the first two years of your basic studies while still living at home, keeping your part-time job, and saving thousands of dollars.

There are two options when planning your transfer to a 4-year degree program:

  • Option 1: Complete a 2-year degree specifically designed for transfer to a 4-year college or university. The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees listed below include the core curriculum courses that most baccalaureate programs require. Most of the courses in these programs are part of the Ohio Transfer Module, approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education for transfer to all of Ohio’s public colleges and universities.
  • Option 2: Complete an applied 2-year degree and finish your bachelor’s degree at one of our partner colleges or universities. Your applied 2-year degree can be an end in itself allowing you to work in your chosen field immediately after graduation, but you may also be able to transfer most of your credits to a 4-year institution to continue your education.