Convenience is Key for Online Classes

Online classes give students the freedom to schedule class work on their own time.  That’s why Mikayla Johnson, a business administration student, first became interested in classes online at North Central State College.

“I had my daughter at a young age,” she explains.  “When I thought about college it was on the back burner.  Then I just decided it’s time to do something for me because doing something for me is doing something for her in the long run.”

“I would recommend taking online classes at North Central because it revolves around your schedule.  You can take classes on your time,” Johnson says.

North Central’s online degrees and certificates are designed for students with busy schedules so they can take the step toward a future without sacrificing the things most important to them.  Online classes are taught by the same faculty who teach our traditional classroom-based courses.

Students also have access to tutoring and career services on campus.  “Even though I don’t want to go to a normal college setting and go to class every day, I still want the convenience of going to the tutoring center or the library,” Johnson says.  “I also get invited to the events going on around campus.”

Financial aid is also available for online students.  About 72% of North Central students received grants and scholarships during the 2017-18 school year and many had their costs reduced significantly.

Online Learning