Network Support

Network Support Certificate

This certificate program allows students to complete a series of coordinated courses in a shorter period of time than an associate degree. Students in associate degree programs may benefit from adding a certificate to their areas of expertise. A minimum of a 2.00 grade-point average must be obtained for all required courses in order to receive a certificate.

Network Support Certificate Courses

  • ITEC1610 – IT Essentials (A+)
  • ITEC1620 – Wireshark 101
  • ITEC1640 – Introduction to Networks (CCENT I)
  • ITEC1645 – Routing & Switching Essentials (CCENT II)
  • ITEC1680 – Scaling Networks (CCNA R&S I)
  • ITEC1685 – Connecting Networks (CCNA R&S II)

Upon successful completion of a certificate program, a Certificate Request form must be completed in the Student Records Office in order to receive a certificate.